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  1. MORON GUIDE :: All you noobs that dont know how to make skills work here is explanation, i really dont know how u can be retarded to not know this but nvm, i guess god was cruel for some ppl :snorlax: THIS IS WHAT U MUST DO: Delete your old version(very important) Then open your browser and type "warspear", u will get some results,i recomnde u to click on first :lol: Then u will get screen of warspear with bar to choose, choose download option, wait to load it :snorlax: , when thats done choose your device, if u dont know what device u have u are idiot and go to suicide, nobody will miss u. :diablo: When its finish, click on it to open and install, when its done simply open it, and there u have, u will be able to use new skills :pardon: O:-)
  2. lol are u retarded??? :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: Shamans are op enough, yea they only need that shield that work 100% lol duck off
  3. shit lol i brought skill on druid,and when open it i got snow ball skills from xmass event :crazy:
  4. Its no matter if they stay or not, only matter that new br players will not make chars on us server
  5. And you are kind of saying: "Screw you, but no offense guys. Don't get mad". :lol: Yea but i saying on nice way :snorlax:
  6. I am not br, and i dont think that i need to explain why br server is necesery but i will for those who dont know. :good: Us-Saphire shoul be english talking server, but its all except that, and most of borring chats make brs. I dont have nothing against brs but i think its for their own good to have their server, bcs over 20 people pm me per day on portuguese to help them some quest or something, and i dont understand them. And from other side i realy hate 40% of brs on Us-saphire, bcs 90% of gankers in pvpcave are brs, all selfish farmers that runing monopole at eye are brs, chat is full of portuguese sh*ts that nobody understand(and all this people talk only their language, so i cant even make some deal with them or something like that). :facepalm: So AIGRIND i beg u, save us and save brs, idc about them really, but i need help :cray: make br server and get rid of brs that dont speak english. PEACE, brs dont get mad, if u are br and read this then u are not in list above, bcs i mention only on brs that dont speak english. :good:
  7. AGREE ;D Stop ass licking to devs, they only wants your money, they dont give a sh*t what u want :dirol: U think they have so much trouble bcs love this game and players? They only finding more ways to dry your money :snorlax: Like last update showed
  8. Normal dungeon is actualy harder then hard dungeon :aggressive: I do hard always with 1 stamina, but for normal i often spend 2 :bad:
  9. On Ru server there is ranger with 6.5k magic def And on Us server there is druid with 6.2k magic def So +10 casters hit them around 180, so casters dont have a chance.
  10. Before update i was beating any +10 shaman/druid with my +8 mage, now i cant beat even +5 shaman if he is full magic def, bcs he still will heal more then i hit him. Priests cant be beated 1v1 ever never. :snorlax:
  11. -Royalz-, yea thats why u always camp with 2 chars in pvp
  12. Lol guild royality is such a noob guild that hiding in lvl 18 arena, even guild noob that hiding in lvl 18 have better gp then u noobs, thats so patetic u are strong if u have full pt of +8 min, once i fight against royality pt of 5 mages and all mages was hitting my priest that dont have res gear about 180-250, if u ask me that is very very noob, go fight in lvl 20 arena and your wining succes will be 1% NOOBS :facepalm: :snorlax:
  13. Hi all, I have major problem at eye. Bcs when I come there, skynete log on and just evade me boss or kill ads that I set, I pm him to stop but he just tell me, sorry I can't let u or anybody else to sell dooms cheap :facepalm: and he do that only with minion, he don't even want to farm at that time. Or saffo come and I am already at eye and he and his friends log on mcs and kill us. Pls I getting desperated, any solution or suggestion, that sh* t happening every day. :crazy:
  14. No demo drop rate isnt high, that guy got demo 5 mins before i camed, and before that we was killing it milion times and no drop except bars, so u need to be lucky, and soon when i linked demo suit on trade chat and he gone trough all citys in that suit milion elfs camed with wish to farm, but then mcs found about that too so noob mcs camed too and there was big war. :facepalm: my pt waited 3 hours and come back there and everyone left, lol dont try to farm if u dont have nervs :bad:
  15. I must say at start... Snorlax or Kuzmitch or what ever guy is moderator dont delete my topic again, i am sorry if true hurts but its obvilious that u only care about money, and bcs money u destroyed 2 classes(mages and warlocks). Ok party of warlocks is still strongest, but mages :bad: . They are useless now :facepalm: Before update, my +8 mage was beating almost any +10 shaman and druid, and lowest dmg i did on other players was on 1 bd when he sap me, and that dmg was 250, now i hit every guy, but belive me, every guy below 230, and how i can beat some shaman that heal 290,no metter he hit me 170 bcs my high magic def, i lose against him and he stay on max hp, i lose against +4+5 shaman too, if they have magic def ofc nvm if its low just if i hit them below 230 and they heal over 230 i cant even touch them. U AIGRIND team think that u fix that by increasing dmg of mage skills, but thats not true. US-Server is still prety much noob server, but soon people will amp their amulets and rings and mages will be class only for lab farming. I dont have some high dmg, 334 only, but before update i was hitting most of people 300++, now i hit mcs 300+ if they are lvl 4-10. I saw on RU server ranger that have 6.5k magic def, omg that is a beast :bad: +10 shamans hit him 180, so i would hit him 130. I beg AIGRIND, dont ignore me, bcs this time i copyd this text and i will make new topic over and over again no metter how much time u delete it or ban me, dont be angry, i understand u guys are more and more greedy, and i know that people soon will must pay to download this game. U maked this game so only rich players can win, before high amp didnt have big role as your skills does, now its all about high amp. And pls, u retards that will tell me, hey amp your gear, stop crying, bla bla bla, dont even try that lol :facepalm: Amping system after update gone to hell, my friend spended 60k mcoins and didnt amp staff from +9 to +10, so dont even bother me with noob comments. Even if i amp my gear +10 i will still hit some people 250, so ofc i will not do that. AIGRDIND team forget on money when u losing players, fix this, find other way to suck people money, or delete warlock and mage class from game, bcs they are pointless now. Cya and best wishes. Dont delete topic like last time, i didnt swear this time -_-
  16. oh yea i forgot to say...AIGRIND team u very disapointed me, is realy everything about money? :bad: For u it is for sure, bcs now priest cant have high heal for farming lab for example, if he isnt high amped. I know this isnt topic for here, but i cant make new 1 bcs ROLAND will delete it as they always do.
  17. Dont waste money on book of obv,bcs my mage already have skills +5+5+5+1+1... and even its full +8 arena gear,its useless,i losing in pvp now from some noob shamans that i was raping before update, bcs i hitting some of them 220 :bad: i mean wtf, before update lowest dmg that i maked on elf or mc was 250-260 and that when bd that sap me... ok i cant say they hitting me high,+10 shaman hitting me 220,bcs i have over 3k magic def,but i cant beat him when he heal 270-290 :facepalm: ....lame job AIGRIND, realy suck, pls improve mages, they are weakest class now.
  18. No lol,it will no be RIP magic classes,druids and shamans was too strong before update,now wtf to talk futher,when 1 druid that have +10 staff and 400 moon,before was healing 190,now heal 340,how to beat that? :bad: :bad: :bad: This update only RIP warlocks and mages,ARIGRIND fix this sh*t. I reapeat my priest that is full astral gear +4 arena staff before haved 207 dmg,now have 277 and same heal as before :bad: :bad: , and my +8 mage have 334 sun,then my priest at +8 will have 370 :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: AIGRIND fix it!!!!
  19. bg tower is super cool,but new runes,i mean u can buy only 1 rune and its give u protection for all magic attacks is pure sh*t my +8 mage have 334 sun,and my +4 priest with astral gear have 277 :bad: wtf again U destroyd warlock and mage class *z* they are useless now...not good at all aigrind,not good at all... tumb down
  20. Is that why u wearing it swaaz? :lol: U dont want it to get back bcs only u and 2 more have it on Us-saphire
  21. If its true, why nobody have them? :bad:
  22. When i said its important i mean that many other players share my opinion about this>>> Many new players will say, hey what the this guy talking about, but me as older player i realy miss old good outfits as my favourite Black troll outfitt :* beholder also, and the outfitt that i saw only once, idk even name, its pumpkinhead jack only in blue-purple toxido. There is many new costumes every event and good job AIGRIND team,but this outfits that i mention up are soul of good old Warspear. Please consider this idea, idk about other realms, but on Us-Saphire this outfits are lost. I dont care if u put them in chests, or drop from some hard bosses, just i want them back. Tnx again and other players that love this outfits also, support me if u want that outfits back. :drinks:
  23. Dont put it back,i have 15 set of snow elf chests ;D .... I prepared my lvl 3 chars much before event started 8) And now noobs spamming chests to much,and they destroying chest price,and ice queen items price,they dont have limit :facepalm: greedy
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