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  1. Excuse me, ma'am! It is boring here. :facepalm:
  2. Good for everyone that enjoying all these new updates released! Bug fixed and stuffs... But my accounts have been blocked for over a month now and no one response my mailsss... Snorlax, please and please help me! Days to week, weeks to month now, I get it that you guys are busy with the updates and other problems, but why this? account got blocked and no response or explaination, and end of story just like that? :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  3. Dear GM, My accounts have been blocked for too long, and I demand for solution(access to my account). I am sure I have done nothing wrong. Even I tried to send my profile informations to recover it back, I got no response, after days to weeks now. I have worked my butt off playing those characters, and the way Warspear-Online blocked me until now, I find that is so Unfair! Well, it seems like you guys wanted to put the blame on me, and take away my accounts for just some sms mcoin payment problem, which I was a victim too and lost my money without getting mcoin. I am being honest and tel
  4. You are not the only one in this! I got both two of my accounts blocked for Nothing I have done against warspear or anyone. After all the time and money I have spent on Aigrind, I got in such ridiculious trouble which I have never even thought before. They blocked me, not just one, but TWO Accounts.. So I made a contact to support team by mail, and they did not answer why my accounts were blocked, except a short pretending to be nice and asking me to send them the transaction information. Of course, I used to purchase via mobile sms and that was like since... when.. I can't even re
  5. Sir, please respond to my last question. Can ios version below 6.x run the new update or not???
  6. Excuse me, I'm confusing. Will it be able to download and run on ios version below the 6. or not? You mentioned bug is found and corrected but at the end you said all players are encouraged to update latest version of ios. :facepalm:
  7. I have never like the update coz it has never given me a break from troubles. No this is not the first time, or second time or third time. Yeah devs will say sorry and I will have to wait which until almost another update come. It has always been like that on and on. :facepalm: screw this
  8. Hello?! IOS was having that trouble that only ios v 6.0 able to play the new ws update. Is that fixed yet? Cause now this early must-be-download-update of yours need to update and Im using ios v 5.0 :facepalm: :facepalm: please tell me im not waiting for hours just to know that i cant play :facepalm: :facepalm:.
  9. ^Agree!!! Gankers in pvp cave should learn to show some respect to low levels.. Like how my level 10 always got murdered without reason like low levels cant enter pvp or sth. Please note: Mrxnobodyz = me. So dont cry for help when u get killed for gank a lvl 10. ]:>
  10. Really?? Need to download the update? Well, I just want to say my prayer to devs that i hope they fix all the problems for ios users sakes. By all, I mean ALL... Devs know it well. Halloween update sucked and I dont want another disappointment this upcoming one. :facepalm: >:D
  11. Then I guess they were right about 2012 the end of the world... :shok: btw im bored :facepalm:
  12. OMG! Please tell me that isn't real! Somebody tell us how much longer till warspear back on... :facepalm: we need to get a life! Or maybe just me, but real world is really boring here. :facepalm:
  13. That surprised me and sort of giving me goosebump after seeing my name is listed as one of ur best friends! Of course, painboy is in my ws bestfriends list. :friends: I've always been quite a loner in real world and even in this warspear world, but I sure did make a few friends in ws too.. I'll try to list the names: Lordamit(the first friend that guide and helped me when I was a noob, honestly), Railer(arena), Brdigo(arena), Zorohealer(Farm), Venomarrow(pvp gank mate? LOL), Zeusxelie(arena/random chat), Razablade(Pvp mate), The Anonymous Clan mates(too many to list but the guys mostly at pvp
  14. Really appreciate us server problem fixing! Well, its about time that server should be on now.. dont you think? Been too long already :facepalm:
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