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  1. Its okay for them to have mistakes sometimes.. After all we all human here.. Members admins gamers or devs .. Nobody is perfect.. Try to understand and open your mind.. we play games to have fun .. Just enjoy owkiee ?
  2. yes yes thanks for noticing .. Friends told me how to find that gifycode option thingy in my window phone its not appearing always redirecting in verification payment so what i did is .. I install warspear in my other phone which is android phone . there i found it .. miracle coins- buy miracle coins - google payment giftcode redeem i enter there the code . And get my miracle coins thanksss guysuuu. ^_^)/ ~
  3. i have won in fb online activity in Warspear page.. i am using windowshpone Hi admin just wanna ask why i dont have giftcode option in game .. settings-miracle coins- buy coins (no giftcode option , just redirecting to verifying payment) Is there any other option I can get my prize ? Gm already pm me in fb along with the giftcode but in my case i cant redeem / get it.. hope u notice this . Thank you..
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