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  1. tamoae please do remember that only weapon will have this special attribute, hence 5% chance of a very short stun is almost non existant.
  2. will ranger bless 2 hits count as 2 chances to stun in1 hit?
  3. Will the quest item needed to access sam hain be crazy drop rate like last years joker card?
  4. When will it be released? Cause if there was a date mentioned then i missed it.. Also the stun % will affect chance to stun or duration of stun or both?
  5. the 4 bosses part is truly hardcore. Will be fun to face them but will it be mixed with mc and elf? If yes then it will be disasterous facing them and having all bosses reset coz war
  6. Snowman rapidly increases his post counter by repeating the same thing That halloween and median nights are different. Pointing it out once suffices thank you very much
  7. is the new shaman skill supposed to be a joke or something? Because if yes then u have succeeded in making me laugh
  8. Huh as far as i remember it is a very old bug which was present when i was still active in game. Who knows? Maybe it only happens in windows now.
  9. U kidding me? The very one coz of which we see different locationing of characters in our client in relation to the locationing they have at server. It causes skills like quake and circle to fail and is deadly to tanks in lab or dungeons. Edit - and its surely not due to my network, have tested it on an optic fibre network system.
  10. Updates and updates everytime but the graphic bug never gets fixed. It couldn't be unfixable...
  11. is the client that is available now the very one which will run after update? Or is i gonna be updated too
  12. Probably they would be able to, buy without any rewards i think
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