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  1. My char name is gowtter am a victime of mistake cause they blocked my lvl 28 hunter for mcoins I didn't purschase. Why I ask why they blocked my account , they tell me *****.********* **@GMAIL.COM purchased 125$ mcoins. But am not him . My only mystake is cause I help him . He ask me to log his character to help him last spring cause he want rank top1 to get award book penetration. I log 1-2 days to help him and friend tell me to stop doing that cause I can be banned. After they I stopped. Before 3fay my account was blocked me and other friend who log his account cause they think we him. Yesterday I PM david(diplomata) to fixit what he done and he tell me he purchased these mcoins 3 months ago and now he don't care cause he deleted his character and he don't refund or reimburse nothing . I TRY SEND message to support and they tell me only they are only able to explain what happen to my account. I don't know what to do cause I can't pay what I never get or purchased. If someone can help or can explain my history to responsible of game it will be great. Ty
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