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  2. This isnt the issue, it's your lack of knowledge in arena as a player. You have been multi spamming for to long vla. Your forgetting how to be a barb.
  3. This is so silly, for one.... you need to learn class balance, for two you dont seem to complain when it is in your favour. Ex (being a level 12 guild and having better scrolls and pots) your complaining about being beat by a "noob level 10 guild" plus you have full books almost full set. You can beat most. The only ones you cant, you seem to be picking out and putting under the fire in hope's they nerf them so you can resume your best mentality. Two barbs are op yes, but not the best combo you can have in arena. I suggest you guys learn how to play better in arena first. Maybe not make a fool
  4. Most definitely, high levels is getting much worse now. To the point they dont even care to hide that they are botting. Cause they do not get in trouble for thier actions. I have no clue why, when it is so obvious.
  5. Dont forget about the start maps too where they have mobs of bots preventing new questors to level.
  6. This is getting old and real fast, They shame everyone for everything, yet they are here... the whole time botting and whatever else they are doing. No wonder why when anyone challenges them in 3v3 random you get banned, but the second they are done botting in 3v3 random they come flood every other rank with bots to take ranks everyone else fairly spammed for. Enough is enough. Play fair or get out.
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