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  1. i dont want to reply everyony.What i want to say is game team is fair. i have all mcs photoes and videoes who afk for help elfs.i just no report.the second is all elfs in mc side go back.All mcs friendly,but things have changed since elfs have been here,now its getting dirty.
  2. You're making a funny point. How about we play the arena every day? Unlike you guys who play every day, a normal person can play the game for more than 30 hours? You don't have to eat? You don't sleep? Not living? No communication with family? Are you isolated? I can't do this, even if I don't have a job, I still have a life, can't play games like this. And since the game team made such a decision, you must have committed a violation. As for the screenshot you sent, it is very one-sided, which also confirms what I said, we have a life, it is possible that a game of arena has started, we are eating, or smoking, or communicating with our families, so what harm can we let you win? What kind of robots do we use? Are you kidding me? Do you think everyone plays games like you? Maybe because that's what you did, you were shut down by the game team. Chat screenshots as for you, and believe not eu server, this game is the team in the mind is very understand, I believe that the game also after many investigation team to do the decision, do you have any account sharing, even using a third party, you know, we Chinese players need is fair game environment, rather than being you these conspirators succeed. And we Chinese players have been blocked precedent, so I believe that the game team is fair and just, you do not want to frame us and the game team without evidence! Like a little kid!
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