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  1. Once said time is China's night time time is about two days ago I saw Loveandsex playing in the arena of old 3 x3 this itself is no problem but it is strange that two days, he has never left the arena games even in a short span of more than a day for nearly 1000 game that is one of the more notable I want to know what man can not sleep in the game play for 1000 consecutive and is in constant combat I believe I'm impossible unless I have a two or three or more people take turns to use my account Or maybe I have an autonomous robot that helps me play games without sleep The screenshot below is from the night before last to today, he has played nearly 1000 games, which is amazing
  2. Does something themselves don't in the clear like a beaten crying children complain no bear say somebody else Posting everywhere in what to say why none of them has always been you are subject to the direction of the bad that's worth attention to think about if you are not the post busy it should be spend money to purchase the helper or why do you do this thing if you don't have to do with
  3. I support his statement Gm has a policy of not doing unfair things because of personal grievances As he said you can't play a game for 30 hours and he has to get rid of sleepiness and a whole bunch of other things and I believe he's right why would gm ban him if he didn't break the rules
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