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  1. If nobody consumes, the server will not be able to operate,Those who don't consume will only burden the server.Every worker has to make money.Who will maintain the game if work does not make money?Game companies make more money and games are better.
  2. We can fight more than 10 hours a decade, but we can't keep fighting as much as he does for 24 hours, I don't know how he did it, and then there's a time of ease after defeating the enemy more than 10, and I can't stop the sleepy intention I'm coming, sorry, except for sharing an account or automatically clicking, I can't believe how he did it. Chinese violations will also be banned, with China already banned from many accounts last year and those who break the rules will be banned
  3. Hope the server will be better It is suggested to update more MC products and set up VIP consumption service,For example,200% glad pot,It can be sold for 1000 MC each,And the price of tickets to the arena increased by 500%.Prices of all commodities have risen,May your company become the top 500 in the world as soon as possible,Make more money,Clean up those who don't consume,Make the Game Environment Better
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