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  1. Gm, please doing something about bots arena users (joooo) charmer 14,(presslock) warlock 16,(xpetmalox) Rogue 10 us-sapphire >Legion side Presslock=xdonutx=xtigerx=leoburn=joooo=xpetmalox My tickets not free please doing something, im reporting because he have no manner use bots, ignore me and shout on me trash being noob,motherf ucker full of bad words just i hit his afk char.. They dont want ppl dmg why use bots stay afk so annoying.. I dont ask to banned them but please do something like warning to them or what ... Dont use afk char in arena .. Many times already he doing this
  2. Gm need to do something about ppl who dont know manners, not all ppl can receive what they say , my friends many left this game because that so annoying. They not just do that if we ignore they will on other char say f uck,noob or other bad word like despicable our religion or make fake drama talking bad about us in world chat, Gm can warning them or banned them several days cant use chat.Now less ppl play this game, if gm no do something im sure this game cant survive until 2020 coming . (dragster = rogue 13 us-sapphire)
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