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  1. Hello I'm Back i have successfully purchase 6x80 mcoins pack today but after that i cant purchase anymore? Is there there a limit of mcoins that can be purchase a day, a month? I kinda don't understand...
  2. Yes, i did read all the comments. And how to contact the operator ? I can't call that number 7792 and i also deleted all the message it sent me before so i don't know where to contacts. I'm too dumb aaaahh. Hope u can help me with this. Thanks
  3. Well i did the right process but it still remain the same. TXT WCOIN my login to 7792 But it didn't work i already had succesfully purchase a few before but now it doesn't work anymore Tried everyday since but none succeed So i hope you can help me with this problems or contact to the support for me :[ Thanks
  4. Hi dev i wanted to ask that the sms payment im using 7792 TXT WCOIN is not working any help?? Also in Vietnam there's also i website called pay.mobiplay.vn. There used to be a way to buy warspear online MCoins and it's very helpful for us since it's easy to purchase and have a a little more MCoins. i hope u fix the sms message and if u can bring back the vietnamese payment website i would glad to support u more $$ :[[
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