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  1. On 8/20/2020 at 2:35 PM, Gladiator said:

    I don't know if you play this game a lot.


    Barb 7 yards jump

    DK 7 yards pull > insta-sleep with death call, or just a fast nearby ally.

    Charmer still has 6 yards stun

    Warlocks Dark Circle and Shaman's Earthquake 5 yards cast range but 3x3 radius means it can catch up to 7 yards. (the corner of the circle).

    And you can cast warlock circles and run back, means technically unlimited control range if it's casted on an entrance place.




    BD's rush is 5 yards, so everyone above can counter it. Plus, Shaman has 5 yards blind, so he can also counter it.

    Pala's jump is 4 yards, and still low chance to stun. I don't know how you can mention it as a reliable initiator

    Mage's jump? doesn't control, and if you think mage can jump and then use shatter stones before enemies react with 1 control skill before mage uses 2, then maybe that's one heck of a slow enemy and deserves to die (in game)


    You are wrong first of all you cant catch up anybody with warlock dark circle in 7 yards its 6 yards and please be realistic bladedancers are most powerfull cancer class in this game allmost everyclass have counterclass but bladedancers dont have counterclass.I find every class is balanced excepting bladedancers.

  2. This game is a joke bro,they making easiest class is the most powerfull class.I cant even beating bladedancers with my warlock.If they max new resist skill they can resist my 3-4 stun skills for long duration.And they can kill you with 1 combo :=) i mean what the hell im trying to use all my aoe skillshots on him and he resist all of them ,all he does using hamstring on me and thats it.

  3. Peoples using bot in pvp arena for season ranks.Is this out of order because these peoples dont get ban or something.Me and my friend match with them too many times ,they spamming 7/24 in arena.If this is not out of order we will do same thing(using bot) to take season ranks.They are like normal players using skills etc.But they always play in same style,using skills same time.I didnt even try to send a ticket about this because i know they dont get ban even breaking rules.Warspear should take serious measures for who breaks game rules.I mean they spamming 20 hours in a day while using bot and nothing happens.

    Peoples that i witness using bot in eu emerald server:


  4. This game Arena system must change peoples spend their days when not having fun in arena spam.Rank system should be different.In low level arena ranks peoples spam arena with using multiaccount this happened to me today i was taking rank in 11-14 level, a guy nickname:Radieleth started spam using multiaccount he was using 2 accounts in mc to spam and for block me his mc side account nicknames :Ionmelati,Gricanien  please do something about this. NOT FAIR. Server=Eu-Emerald

  5. On 3/26/2019 at 12:29 PM, Reivenorik said:


    I hope you speak English, otherwise it will be difficult for us to communicate

    Here is Turkish forum you should speak Turkish for communicate us 😆

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