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  1. HISTORY: Long ago, in the ocean, there was a shark kingdom where a shark was born that was different from the others, was declared prince of the ocean for being special, the king gave him a magic weapon, one day rumors were heard that there was another species different from them in Ayvondil, when the king knew that there was another species, I ask the prince to investigate thoroughly. When the prince came to Ayvondil, I observe the humans of a small town who were in serious trouble, then the prince decided to help those humans with their abilities to fight with their problems in exchange for being at peace. The habitants accepted the treatment proposed by the prince and together they explored the new island of ayvondil. <-- 30x50 <-- 80x100 Magic Weapon --> Skills: Immunity---> When the character has a 10% life, the pet reacts quickly and gives a magical shield that receives an immunity for 5 seconds, enough time to escape from critical situations, the cooling of the skill is 120 seconds. Healing---> The mascot gives life to the character, regenerating little by little, the cooling of the skill is 20 seconds. Displacement--> Every 30 seconds, The servant will have an active ability that surrounds him, a puddle of water that lasts 20 seconds, once activated, the characters that are in a group, be near the servant, they will receive bonus of "speed of movement", its duration will be 10 seconds. Iron skin--> The servant will grant a bonus of physical and magical defense to the character every 20 seconds, its duration will be 15 seconds. User: Pixziee Server: US-Sapphire
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