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  1. Yeah, maybe an unique class, like a magical rogue, that's able to convert physical damage into magical damage since it's a Forsaken class, but I think that'd be maybe to complicated for the game
  2. I see the Chieftain as a Area-of-effect Seeker, I think this class will be able to deal insane never before seen AoE Damage, but I don't think that's really what the Legion needs. You are right about Sentinels having way more DPS and don't forget that the Priest has a Attack speed buff as well 😞 Thank you
  3. I know the Blade Dancer is a strange class, because it's like a mixture of the Rogue and Barbarian, it has a little bit of both, not only in basic skills, but expert skills as well. Maybe it's a failed concept from the past, like when the Elves didn't have a real tank - Wardens - they were there to fulfill this role and now It's just a messed up class 👀 But I just love the idea of a tank that can use weapons in both hands - not 2h weapons - .
  4. Just a suggestion, but I hope they'll add a class along those lines. 😎
  5. Skill 2: Yes, combo with the Skill 5 when building tank. Skill 4: Yes, kinda Op, but it's all about numbers; the damage, slow, silence and skill cooldown. They'd have to balence it. Skill 5: The mana "returns" in form of a shield only. New skill 2: Yes, use this and Skill 3 he'll get a lot of Damage-per-second when building damage. New skill 3: In my mind it would stand still and attack only, untargetable, if the devs can code that 😄 (It's tilted to the pve damager side of the class) New skill 4: It's just like the Death Knight "Death call", but with move speed
  6. Thank you In my mind he could be able to do both fairly well depending on the build, but more tilted to being a damager overall. Just like Bds are outshined by Wardens, this class would be outshined by the Barbarians in the Tank sector. I really just think whatever the hell BDs are, the Legion should have a class like that I'm glad you like the idea. Hope the devs do read and consider a class like that
  7. Shadow blade Weapons: Daggers, Swords and Axes Armor: Heavy or Light Armor Role: Assassin, tank and off-tank Abilities: 1: Melee attack that causes increased physical damage 2: Makes incoming heals and shields stronger (Equivalent to the BD parry buff) 3: Single target aggression skill 4: Free of target 4 yards teleport with a 3×3 radius that heavily slows and silences enemies (Equivalent to the BD hamstring) 5: Steals a portion of the enemy energy and transforms it into a shield (Equivalent to the BD Sap) First 5 Expert skills: 1: A
  8. For the next two classes, please give the Forsaken a physical bruiser, like the Blade Dancer, who can use two 1h axes and heavy armor. Just throwing this out there, in case you guys haven't decided yet
  9. I hope people from other servers can participate as wll 😄 Khlorin Br-Tourmaline Started playing on the Engineer update - I've had a Dk lvl 29, Shaman lvl 28 and Lvl 32 Necro
  10. So when talking about the Mcs skills you mention the radius of it, but Sentinels skills just have range no radius? Kinda biased 😄
  11. It is thought and I'm not even talking about 1v1s. The problem with this skill is that it completely shifts the unfairness. Let's say that it's unfair that a melee class is not able to do its job; get close and deal damage or stun the target, I agree, but the other way around is also unfair. As a class with the least amount of defense in the game your defense is your debuffs/stuns and with Resist stat, Rush (also has resist) and this skill they completely take away the form of defense of the most fragile class. Also, don't forget that the Sentinels have almost 80% of the AoE debuffs/stuns in t
  12. Still can't believe this is in the game and you guys made no changes to it. What's the logic? I get that it must be frustrating to be melee and die without even being able to get to the target, but this skill is just ridiculous on its conception. Way better and more fair to give them a skill like the Barbarian or an increased chance to evade stuns/debuffs than this completely BROKEN and UNFAIR skill. Love the update overall, even though I'm a necromancer and didn't get anything cool this update. I agree that necros are fine, so no problem. Keep listening to the community and changi
  13. After testing out the buff to the Necromancer's "Deathly Eye" skill, my conclusion is that it's not enough. Even with a +10% increase in chance it still misses just like before. Why can't it be above 50%? Keep it below 50% just to be annoying? Even after putting points on the skill? :S
  14. Also, finally you guys are walking the right path; listening to pleyers and giving explanation to why you're changing the skills, that's nice. Keep it up
  15. I have Deathly Eye 5/5. The chance doesn't increase and that's what sucks the most about this skill. Sometimes I can't even stack 2 on a boss and I really try, I mean, I stand there using it every time it comes off cd - every 1.4 sec for me - and It just won't stack 2, so I lose the 15% max hp reduction. I think Nightmare 3/5 or more for the win, with this build - 5/5 heal 3/5 shield 5/5 Deathly eye - Your pvp potential just goes downhill. But there are people who dont care about pvp, so...
  16. Against mage and Brb you can just hold your debuffs, but against BDs you are forced to use debuffs if you want the resist to go away and by the time you used your lesser debuffs, he already got to you because Bds also have resist while dashing. Too much resist for a class that kills with one skill basically.
  17. I would really like to know what's the logic behind that. Whenever you question a class they always say "The game is not balanced for 1v1s", but BDs having a skill like that makes no sense whatsoever, It's too strong in every scenario in my opinion.
  18. HP bar still too small, I suggest it to be like this *Seriously, can you please diminish the size of this thing - Everything looks clean on large UI mode, except the huge HP bar - .
  19. Nice joke, guys! HAHAHHAHAHA.... Now show us the real expert skill BDs are receiving. Got me there
  20. What I mean by "full agro", is having the base agro skill 5/5 and death call 4/4. A lot of death knights seem to be using this build, I asked a few of them ingame. But I really think it sucks to have a build like that, because you lose a lot of damage and defense from other skills. Is it really necessary to have a build like that or can you just put 3/5 on the base agro and that's enough to tank any boss?
  21. "Lightning Shield": Why is the Shaman unable to use this skill on alies? Make him able to do so, I don't think it would be much different from the Necromancer shield. "Ancestor's Hand": Why is the Shaman unable to use this skill on himself just for the shield? It would make leveling this skill considerable. "Energy field": This skill should do something else, like remove CC (stuns) or do something to enemies, it's too simple. It certainly lacks something. Also, the Shaman should have a Combo or interaction with two skills like the majority of the classes have, it would be nice.
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