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  1. 🥲 I play on PC and with drop-down list it was much better to navigate through the bag. If you're gonna do that just for Menu, might as well not change it at all. Can't you implement this for PC only? Or was the PC players complaining too? Like do a poll or something to see if the change would be good for PC only, 'cause I know it might be bad for mobile. Sad to lose one of the few things I liked about the update RIP 💀
  2. Yes, clickbait vibes. They could just give every level a little bit more or give it another level with 0.25 and make it cheaper, it's just weird
  3. I've leveled up damage, accuracy, crit, attack speed and pen talents. All of them follow a pattern; the same value increase per level, so I assume this is a mistake? In this case, I haven't really upgraded the talent in question to level 2, these are the previews. Maybe it's just a visual bug, a mistake or it's arbitrary. I'd love an answer from the devs Edit: I tried leveling another Rank 2 talent and it's the same thing. I guess that is the pattern 😅 I thought it'd be like the Rank 1 ones, same increase every level, but with Rank 2 only the first level has a higher value, which is odd, but I guess it's how it is.
  4. Basically the talent stops the debuff when in demon form, but after that the Reaper still takes damage 🤷🏽‍♂️
  5. It doesn't. Words from a Dev. It's in russian but:
  6. You're comparing something that like less than 5% of the player base or even less than has access to, to a basic ability.
  7. What makes the class unique is the mechanic of the skill, I'm talking about the looks only. There's no need for one character to be that big, even if if it's an allusion to the health increase; Pladins and Shamans can get even more health and they don't grow in size. If they're gonna make the Reaper transform, at least should be to a normal character size or a little bigger, but never that big. Saying that as someone who intends to play as Reaper.
  8. Imagina ir matar um boss com 3+ Ceifeiros também🙈 personagens melee maiores que o boss. Eu não acho q a fera deveria ser do tamanho do dog do Charmer , mas realmente precisa ser um pouquinho menor. Mandaram mal na questão estética dessas novas classes 😕
  9. If they can make a giant demon, they can make a simpler version and just make it clear that it's also demon form/demonic state. And, I think, in PvE, we're gonna stay transformed for much more than 50% of the time; good builds and the expert skill that give hatred and increase the amount of hatred we get per auto...
  10. I was 95% sure the new elf class would shapeshift. Kinda wild that it doesnt. Cosmetic monetization is the best, I agree, but I believe we're far away from that.
  11. TRUE!!! That issue should be addressed too 💁🏽‍♀️
  12. I love the Reaper, I really do. I like the warrior playstyle, the dual-wield, the skills, almost everything about him. Almost... because I can't stand how unaesthetic the demon form is. The moment I saw it, I immediately started to think of a non-transformation build, but now that I've seen videos of the skills and I came to the conclusion that there's no way for that, he is kinda forced to play around the demon form, so I came here to shoot for the stars. Here's my suggestion: Make another indicator for the demon form and make it toggable with the look settings that becomes useless if you're wearing a costume, even if the costume doesn't cover the head. Like this Something like the Necromancer's Poisonous shield or the Barbarian Berserker thingy. This setting is already forgotten, I don't think it's gonna bother anybody. Please @[email protected] 🙏🙏🙏
  13. I like the class tho, just don't like one aspect of it and that's why I gave criticism, if I didn't I wouldnt say anything
  14. Nah, I actually don't like the idea of transforming at all. I'd prefer they call it something like "demonic state" and give it an aura. What's the point of buying costumes and skins, if your char is just gonna be an animation most of the time 🤨 Also don't think it's good for clarity. Imagine a bunch of these giant creatures in the same area. Well, I think it's just me bothered by it, so I'm accepting they're not going to change and that's fine. Just dont like the ideia of playing as an animation most of the time.
  15. Alright, I really love the Reaper, but does it really need to turn into a monster that big? Feels odd, unfitting for the game to just turn into a giant monster as a basic ability and even if it were an expert, feels strange. Any chance that this might change somehow? Personally an aura'd do it for me, like a red Poisonous shield or something. Maybe I'm the only one :/ Love the class but not becoming a giant monster
  16. Damn! The Reaper is all I wanted for us Mcs. My little dream came true 🥲 Just think it's a tad too edgy, but I love it nonetheless. Awesome job, devs!!!
  17. Lvl 32 here and didn't get it Edit: Got the Book of Oblivion after some time on Br Server. Ty
  18. I don't think comparing physical and magical damage like that makes sense. Most of the time magic damage is applied through abilities and very often they're AoE or defensive. On the other hand Physical damage is more of a auto attack/single target thing. So, you have to account for a bunch of other things, like attack speed, the stats that the weapons give and their auto attack cd, etc.
  19. I wonder if this will work like some relics do now, like if multiple enemies attack at the same time all of them get debuffed 🤣 dont think it's far from reality
  20. I actually can't believe these changes will go through for the Necro. Are we playing the same game??? Even thought I dont think they listen to what I say, I'll try, because if this goes through I'll have to stop playing the only class I like... Increase cd to 14~ sec if you want but don't forget that Poison Spit has a cd of 9 and deals the least amount of damage out of all ranged base dmg skills because of the combo with this skill. I say remove the combo and compensate with reduced cd and higher dmg to Poison Spit. Yes, this skill can be too strong in some situations, like 1v1s, but in crowded fights it's useless, in world pvp enemies usually hit mobs and you no longer have a """stun""" as people say. I think they forgot to mention that it's now AoE like the Rog/Sk Sleep?? Beating a dead horse. Do they realize this is the only ability in the game that ONLY WORKS if there are 2 enemies or more??? So this is useless against one enemies, that's why 99% of Necros dont waste points in this. Also, where are the totem changes?
  21. At the moment of making the post I didn't want to include the shield because I thought it was just a number problem and I wanted to make a post about things that need changes beyond that. But honestly, maybe it needs a mechanical change too. I think they should make the shield withstand damage based on the target defenses or something like that. I'll edit and include it.
  22. I'm talking about both skills fundamentally, so it wont ever change with cdr or relics, unless we compare a necro with high cdr and relic to a priest with nothing. The problem is that Poison spit deals less damage and has a higher cd than Harad's tear and I get it, it's because Poison spit deals double damage with the combo, but my point is that the combo is hard to use in most situations, like in bosses the chance is too low (45%, more than likely to not happen) and in pvp it's only usable in 1v1 and maybe 2v2. In even more crowded fights we can't sit there and use deathly eye two times and poison, so in my opinion, better not to have any combo and a lower cd and higher damage base skill like the Priest has. Hope you get my point
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