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  1. I have Deathly Eye 5/5. The chance doesn't increase and that's what sucks the most about this skill. Sometimes I can't even stack 2 on a boss and I really try, I mean, I stand there using it every time it comes off cd - every 1.4 sec for me - and It just won't stack 2, so I lose the 15% max hp reduction. I think Nightmare 3/5 or more for the win, with this build - 5/5 heal 3/5 shield 5/5 Deathly eye - Your pvp potential just goes downhill. But there are people who dont care about pvp, so...
  2. Against mage and Brb you can just hold your debuffs, but against BDs you are forced to use debuffs if you want the resist to go away and by the time you used your lesser debuffs, he already got to you because Bds also have resist while dashing. Too much resist for a class that kills with one skill basically.
  3. I would really like to know what's the logic behind that. Whenever you question a class they always say "The game is not balanced for 1v1s", but BDs having a skill like that makes no sense whatsoever, It's too strong in every scenario in my opinion.
  4. HP bar still too small, I suggest it to be like this *Seriously, can you please diminish the size of this thing - Everything looks clean on large UI mode, except the huge HP bar - .
  5. Nice joke, guys! HAHAHHAHAHA.... Now show us the real expert skill BDs are receiving. Got me there
  6. What I mean by "full agro", is having the base agro skill 5/5 and death call 4/4. A lot of death knights seem to be using this build, I asked a few of them ingame. But I really think it sucks to have a build like that, because you lose a lot of damage and defense from other skills. Is it really necessary to have a build like that or can you just put 3/5 on the base agro and that's enough to tank any boss?
  7. "Lightning Shield": Why is the Shaman unable to use this skill on alies? Make him able to do so, I don't think it would be much different from the Necromancer shield. "Ancestor's Hand": Why is the Shaman unable to use this skill on himself just for the shield? It would make leveling this skill considerable. "Energy field": This skill should do something else, like remove CC (stuns) or do something to enemies, it's too simple. It certainly lacks something. Also, the Shaman should have a Combo or interaction with two skills like the majority of the classes have, it would be nice. I'm not asking for any stuns and I think the things I suggested are not close to making the Shaman too strong, just more pleasing to play.
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