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  1. What I mean by "full agro", is having the base agro skill 5/5 and death call 4/4. A lot of death knights seem to be using this build, I asked a few of them ingame. But I really think it sucks to have a build like that, because you lose a lot of damage and defense from other skills. Is it really necessary to have a build like that or can you just put 3/5 on the base agro and that's enough to tank any boss?
  2. "Lightning Shield": Why is the Shaman unable to use this skill on alies? Make him able to do so, I don't think it would be much different from the Necromancer shield. "Ancestor's Hand": Why is the Shaman unable to use this skill on himself just for the shield? It would make leveling this skill considerable. "Energy field": This skill should do something else, like remove CC (stuns) or do something to enemies, it's too simple. It certainly lacks something. Also, the Shaman should have a Combo or interaction with two skills like the majority of the classes have, it would be nice. I'm not asking for any stuns and I think the things I suggested are not close to making the Shaman too strong, just more pleasing to play.
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