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  1. Okay so fair warning I'm not the best artist out there the basic gist of the minion is that it's a water ghost and it has that light you see in those white eyed fish on it's head the story goes that during the war that broke out between factions over the spear the clan of the sea folk that used to live in t5 became very afraid of what might become of their home in the destruction and so they were forced to try to leave to the surface using special machines to suck oxygen since they lacked the ability to survive on land but after the last battle the entrances to their home were destroyed and the machines slowly became unable to support them and they all died slowly , now their ghosts roam Ayvondil and they serve adventurers in hopes of reaching their homes they have 2 abilities that they can use effectively the first (Shining light) is a stunning ability where they blind an enemy using their lights for about 3 seconds this takes up 15% of their mana and is used every 45 seconds and has an 80% chance to work on small enemies like 3-4k ones you find in t3 and the second (The blessing of Aqua) is pouring some healing water on a player that runs down their bodies and heals their wounds this takes 10% of their mana , heals 500 with a periodic healing that lasts for 10 seconds healing 150 each 2 seconds and it's automatically used every 40 seconds as long as the player's health isn't full ofcourse Gaithultim US-Sapphire
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