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  1. The Shark Ripper Descriptions: “The ripper was hiding in the deep sea waiting the large Shark to hunt hiding in the dark area. He use his Claw to kill those large Shark. He use his Bloody Mouth to eat the large Shark his eyes can curse the Shark to kill it's own life." The Minions Abilities: Bloody Claw -Deal a large amount of damage to the enemy. The Claw can cause bleeding for sometime. Bite -Deal a large amount of damage and “Poison” to the enemy for sometime. It decreases the damage and “Accuracy”. Eyes Curse -Block the enemies ability. The Enemy is unable to use skills. Full Force Tackle -A massive tackle to the enemy which can cause “Stun” for a second. Type: Damage Minion Name:Battlecast Realm: Eu-Emerald
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