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  1. Hello guys. I would like to leave a suggestion here for this class I so much enjoy. I'm not going to talk about HP's exessive loss for practically all of the skills necromancer uses, but they could reduce the percentage, because sometimes (always) half HP goes away without the necromancer suffering any blows. My suggestion is in the "Deadly Eye" Skill, this skill is not enough, since it is necessary to activate twice and still combine with the Poison Spittle to have its effect at 100%. There are many skills that have 3 effects and do not become strong ridicules. For example, "those" Seeker skills. I think they could modify the Necromancer's Deadly Eye: put only to be activated once when used and increasing your CD time; have a side effect - reduce the speed of enemy attacks. Good job.
  2. Nickname: Garui Servidor: BR - Turmalina Type: Healer Description When all was lost, he appeared. His enchanted armor had a blaze never before seen in the lands of Ayvondil, was it an illusion? No, it was not an illusion. A single marine being protected me with powerful spells, lifting me to victory. But is it possible? Is he the protective soul of the underwater world that so many others have spoken? That being who would wear what we call "armor of the spear"? Yes, it can only be the Guardian of Souls! The one who was chosen by the traces of the Spear of the World to protect the secrets of the underwater world! A being able to use secret incantations. Its tentacles make it have a quick movement. Yes, it is he, I have no doubt, the Guardian of Souls protected me! Skills Energy bubbles: Blisters with an intense glow that instantly recover the ally's life with a chance to increase his physical and magical attack. With 5% chance to increase ally's physical and magical attack by 5%. Underwater Fortress: Enchant the ally's armor with maritime forces that significantly increase the physical and magical defenses of the ally. Deep Enchantment: Small bubbles that envelop the ally and elicit the enchantment "Secret Forces" in the ally and "Curse" on nearby enemies. Secret Forces increases dodge while ability is active. Curse causes the decrease of the attack of the enemies that are around, in a distance of 3 meters.
  3. Nickname: Garui Server: BR - Tourmaline Happy Easter to everyone who has fun playing Warspear Online and to all the team of the game!
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