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  1. Barb- Zythus,Ionstar, Machote, Anihalator Rogue- Afro, Havicx, Mymelody, Naranja, Ladygi, Twinblade Shaman- Patahhati, Baxakaka, Atachi, Rokzz, Sharkin, Herolover, Ladyseth,Zeinnaa, Sorceressz,Leduy, Kernlabba,Brittanym Forsaken: Deatknight- Deatknight, Rizya, Pluton Necromancer- Kiyomi, Eldhrimnir, Balthoron, Pembasmi Warlock- Xwarxlogx, Shadowtear, Blacktorn, Yimmix, Sorandor, Zansatsu, Kblitz Elf side: Ranger- Pvprange, Bellato, Evilhits, Cleiton, Absynthe, Nessah,Kingxbear Druid- Poley, Vicboss, Joice, Hitspeed, SAFFO Bladedancer- Yins,Tpain, Na
  2. Joo oon suomesta. Born, bro yeah but i want he get banned.
  3. I got picture but cant download it
  4. Hi! Can u block player name Sneakyboss in server Us-sapphire. Hes spamming trade chat and saying im gay with somekinda flood system. Please, hes very annoying
  5. Sorceressz. Herolover, Ladyseth, Keizsha, Brilliant, Patahhati, Leduy, Neelam, Ultimecia, In our server is many good shaman who can heal high and dmg high.
  6. Why u have always ur own gank with u Xherobrine.
  7. And, Xherobrine, i will kill u always i see u, coz u said my friend ganker :diablo:
  8. Most ganker elfs in our server: -Xherobrine -Pvprange ( but hes a nice guy :) ) -And maaaaaaaaaaany else players whose names i wont remember
  9. Haha this really funny topic, and herobrine u ganked my friends so i had to kill u :P :pleasantry: So dont blaim urself let me do it u dumb.
  10. Keiz u havent got lvl17 rings?
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