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  1. Por PVP .. arena i mean who is best?. I have a spear... but it slow and i cant win because other player atack more and kill me fast u.u SORRY MY POOR ENGLISH :)
  2. I'm lvl 11... i've just kill Garraz and i cant found any more quest in the forsaken map ... i went to the other island and there doesn't give me quest ... can anyone help me? u.u Sorry my poor english Here in spanish: Soy lvl 11, acabo de matar a Garraz y ya no puedo encontrar ninguna otra mision en el mapa forsaken... fui a la otra isla y ahi tampoco me dan misiones... me pueden ayudar? u.u
  3. I need help u.u i've just kill Garraz ... but i don't have any more quest ... i went to the 2nd map but there nothing ...
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