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  1. Not only is warspear lagging like hell in all realms, but the same thing is happening again as it has been happening every single week now, which is we CANT CONNECT TO THE GAME like come on now... you say it’ll never happen again, yet it keeps happening over and over again. I’m coming close to that conclusion that I really should stop spending hundreds of dollars in this game cuz of the endless problems in warspear
  2. Can you people actually put the effort into fixing a problem and making sure it doesn’t happen again?? Why is the same problems happening over and over again? No wonder this game is losing so many players over the past years because warspear always has a problem and devs don’t put the effort into fixing these right away.. it’s like y’all are intentionally trying to make people quit
  3. It’s also not working for me. It’s been like this since Sunday (U.S. time) Probably because of the recent update y’all put in warspear. Russian servers may have been fixed for them but possibly US-Saphire still has this problem and we need the devs to do something about it. I’ve been waiting for too long for you guys to put an effort into fixing this. When I use WiFi, I can actually connect to the game and play, but loses connection every 10 seconds or so, so playing with WiFi is pretty much useless. When I use my data, I can’t connext at all.
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