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  1. actually, i just joined the world event, and luckily we got successed on all stage, and i got a fresh new reindeer skill again... you know what!!! my all skills are back to be normal!!! omg i am so so soooooooo happy now 😍 thank you for reading this trouble, i was so sad that this can be hard to be fixed.. but now all good 😆✌️ i hope no bugs happening for me again... ty ty ty ❤️
  2. yes i did.. of course. i tried everything that i could.. and tried to login from my other devices as well, nope nothing has changed yet.. i think this Animal Guise skill has got bugged... when i use it, to transform into a reindeer, i know i cant use any other normal skills... and then once this reindeer skill has expired, the normal skills should have been back to be active, but unfortunately... it happened on my char thay something didnt back to be normal.. please help as soon as possible, please.
  3. hello, warspear support team! i am having a serious bug in one of my char, that only having this problem right now... i used the snow world event “speed deer(animagus)” skill, and i clicked this skill again.. to return to be normal state... and then, from that moment, i cannot use any of my basic & expert & even the snow event special minion skills... somehow all skill buttons in my hotkey pannels are not working. i really dont know what to do... i already tried restart the app, delete-reinstall the app... still same. the other chars in that account are all fine, only
  4. guys, please... cant tell players the details about those books??? how much % bonuses for those 2 books? *lets make Warspear better*
  5. no items on discount today...?? 😱 what happened!!!
  6. Unity Signs are too expensive today... feeling extremely harsh to upgrade. Compare to the last year.. when the current lvl12 guilds were levelling to 9 or 10... (before the new guild level was released)
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