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  1. im disappointed not to see the maidens costume, but im betting on Frost Conjurer and Draco Lava more likely.
  2. commin guys, dont be rude this costume is cute..especially when its purple. ..i love u.. u love me.. ~
  3. goo decision :give_rose: kaen na lunch.
  4. Artist at that level dont have problems with colors. Its always alive when we imagine it in our minds before drawing it. Right?
  5. by the way, you can make the shoes a knee-high leather boots and add some metal braces to fit the lower part garments :good:
  6. i like the way you combine metal armor + cloth armor + bare tummy. A good uniform for mages at war :good:
  7. its not Final Fantasy or Elgard, but still some animation sprites of other game or apps for RPG maker. Atleast he spend some efforts "redesigning" it. some were just copy/pasting the exact image without any effort.
  8. Ok mate, I'm just giving friendly advice so you can qualify. :)
  9. if you want to try hard, try hard on Designing ur own rather than trying hard to uploading exact screenshot from other game and cover up lies. dont worry u still have 12days to draw or warsify it.
  10. and my post was kinda deleted. its Screenshot from Elgard's Costume.
  11. sorry mate, Im looking forward too to see a Marine Costume on warspear. But atleast you must spend some effort on drawing or converting it to pixel size rather than posting the exact model of the other game. you still have 12 days to convert it :good:
  12. thats Elgard Online, but the bunny costume was a great concept. it will qualify if you will draw it or "warsify" it. :good:
  13. tnx mentari and cherry :good: btw I update the heroine set, radiant and abyss uploaded. feel free to add some suggestions :)
  14. you got a cool design here too! this will look good when "warsify" + that electric aura :good:
  15. this one's A Beefy Tanker, cool design :good:
  16. why is it lots of people using Elgard Sprites as entries?
  17. sorry again dude, is this your dummy account?
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