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  1. It's good that it isn't costume for reward as last year,something different and unique is going to be added in the game...
  2. Yeah that stopped me from creating a necro :lol: :lol:
  3. These items are for testing (i think :wacko: ),just ignore them..
  4. I'm in FIVES (eu-emerald server)
  5. Poor players can get costumes too,i don't see imbalance here ,just richer people will get it faster
  6. People express opinions in different ways lol. And if I want to express myself about your face? And I dn't like it? : Well you haven't seen me so... And most people i know like my face xD,but its up to you like or not..
  7. Costumes are just to change looks not to add stats lol
  8. Guilds are about gather around in a group of players,have fun together,hunt and chat... not just gather gp and go offline. And my question is: which guild is the most coziest? : There a lot of friendly guilds, just keep searching,i know one thing i found awesome guild :yahoo:
  9. People like different things for some this costume ugly,stupid , for some cute and nice,ppl aren't jealous they just express personal opinion.
  10. another animal costume is going to be added :facepalm: ,i don't like it too ,there were much much better costumes than this.Gratz though..
  11. Send a ticket to support ----> Support ,instead of spamming forum :facepalm:
  12. Healex

    New skins

    Yes agreed,i would love to see more skins. Oh and try to post other suggestions here -----> Suggestions
  13. You can't,only way to kill elf/mc is on second island (You go there from 12lvl),or arena.
  14. Very nice,hope this one wins :clapping: :clapping:
  15. I like it,few changes and it could be in the game.
  16. Healex


    This should help ----> http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=79945.0
  17. Everything is random ( "luck" ),you could take only 1 sign to +10 or 300+ and fail :facepalm:
  18. Could you please tell the question in understandable way? I can't understand :pardon:
  19. A small suggestion for guilds,add a book that shows how much Gp(Guild points) every player in the guild gathered per 1 week.That would help catch lazy people and maybe give a small reward to the #1 in that list , Unity pot or something like that.
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