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  1. :lol: :lol: ,nice pic ;)
  2. Yeah agreed,we need new stuff in game , like they added a tower and its still not open :facepalm:
  3. Anyone who want to join FIVES pm us in game(Travifive,Fivearah,Erwe) or just leave a post here. ;) Requirements will be told to you personally,when we contact you in game :). PS. Travis update list :D
  4. Please change my name to - Erwe
  5. Hi want to suggest to make guild "inside guild" tournament where 3top players who gathared most gp would get a small reward,like a costume or unity pot.
  6. That cave mas made into pvp cave by players not by dews,long time ago it was just a cave with a quest.And there's no point of going there 99% of the time you get ganked :facepalm:
  7. if by playing you mean going arena few times then send pass and id...nvm don't have time for this
  8. Everything works now, symbian,pc and so on... Just delete all files (warspear files) and download again
  9. Update should be ok on 17th for symbian phone users,i don't know why they did it early.
  10. Healex


    Probably a bug,happened to me few times
  11. One of the best updates,can't believe you actually used our suggestions :drinks:
  12. If they could make pvp area(no gankers etc..) that would be enough for me ;D ,though they wont :sorry:
  13. It's random i think or as others say : depends on "luck" :pleasantry:
  14. Good luck,and the reason why most of players hate you,because you always talk about yourself as #1,nobody likes arrogant people.
  15. Everything changed when this game got more popular( 2.8-3.0... version of the game),many new people joined and from then all people kill mcs/elfs on sight and don't let complete chainless for many players.
  16. Healex

    nokia lumia 800

    Dews are working on that,be patient ;)
  17. New people come(mostly children who don't have their own money,so ask money from parents...) ,they can't buy much mcoins.So they sell for high prices,other see high prices and sell for the same or higher and that's how prices gets higher :facepalm:
  18. Healex


    Probably his/her video isn't popular so he/she came here,pathetic :facepalm:
  19. Ability to trap enemy in one place,not letting him move/attack is stun to me :P
  20. I like elf stuns , root,hamstring awesome ^_^
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