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  1. Hello, why minions arent leveling with player? It's a bit frustrating when u made new char and cant use ur good minion - 12hour because its only lvl5 and wont level up with you so its worth to use 16lv+ only or even 20lv+ else minion would be so weak after few hours of leveling character. Or I am wrong and their power scalles with level of player?
  2. Hello everyone, that's for sure something like resistance is ineeded in warspear due to perma stuns possibility from few classes, but how it's working nowadays is so frustrating. PvP is based full on random, resisting stun by high damage dealer vs cloth armour user is nearly instant death, Resistance should be changed on something like tenacity in LoL, i mean it should lower stun time, and works always, not deleting him completly so classes like lock can still keep enemys on range but wont be able to perma stun opponent with this bonus. Resistance changes shouldnt be included just to bosses. What do u think?
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