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  1. Its working! Ty a lot roland ty a lot.I can play 4.3.4!
  2. my device is hcl me v1 tablet with android version 4.0.4
  3. munmun

    ned 4.2 vetsion

    New 4.3 versoin is not working in my tablet.where can I download old 4.2 versoin pls?
  4. Nobody talked to me.just deleted my post. I want to know why my post got deleted. @roland,I beg u to read n tell me what to do.I need answer. After latest update ws is not opening in my tablet.I tried reinstalling.but still not working.its not opening only.what do I do? PLS DO NOT DELETE.reply something.if u can't do anything about it then pls say it. Don't delete n hide problem.
  5. I've posted twice about a problem n u deleted them.that's your solution?wtf is that.if u can't do anything then tell it ditlrectly.why the hell deleting?
  6. I use full killing whisper set.accuracy n critical attribute is not right.see details n explain why pls. ACCURACY with full kw set n all items enchant my accuracy should be 2.1+2.5+2.6+2.5+2.1+2.6+2.6+2.6+2=21.6%. But in attribute my accuracy=13.8%. Why so less? CRITICAL HIT with full kw set n all items enchanted my crit hit should be 2.4+2.1+2.6+2.5+2.6+2.6+2.5+2+2.4+2.1+2.6+2.1+2.6=31.1%. Buy in attribute my crit hit=28.3%. Why so less?
  7. No m coin discount this week?
  8. If I am commenting anything in area chat nobody can see it
  9. My area chat is not working I think.I can see others comments but I don't think they can see mine.it started after update.I've been shouting in area chat but nobody ever answered.other chats are ok
  10. How much more time it'll take to finish updating:(
  11. munmun


    Itz been 4 n a half hours man.finsh updating fast plzzzz
  12. From india.can't buy miracle coins by sms Pls pls pls do something about it
  13. From india.trying to buy m.coins but not getting.have sufficient balance.sms not getting delivered.I have no other way to buy m.coins.pls help
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