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  1. Great job :yahoo: you have my support and will continue to have it. Even more now that I know you guys are working hard for us!
  2. If the daily quest comes out at the same time as the PVP. It would be cool if you could add a bounty system. Where it puts a green dot on your map where another player is and you have to find and kill him/her. If they log off you talk to the guest giver and it picks a new person. You could tie it into the daily stuff so it doesn't frustrate people by getting killed the whole time their online. Just once per day. Of course I wouldn't be an easy mark... So if one of you sees marshaw is your mark I'd just call it a day and save yourself some time. >:D
  3. I also hit 40-45 now with 648 physical. BUT I have 9.3% crit rate what what! :aggressive:
  4. :yahoo: Will help alot while grinding out da quests!
  5. Lucky Leprechaun! You guys pick one screen/area on each starting island where a leprechaun spawns(or some random special monster). Give a slight karma/gold reward for killing him plus a very minimal chance for a rare item. Each day is different and we have to find this monster. Then as a community we could use the forms to work together so it doesn't get to boring wandering every square inch of the game looking for the sneaky lil guy. He should also be pretty strong to insure that we don't just keep his location a secret from other players. Then for holidays you can make a holiday specific monster.
  6. It would be really nice if I could listen to my iPod while playing warspear.
  7. iPhone 3GS :good: No crash issues at all. I love that I can play with one hand with the phone upright. The chat works great. Keyboard is very responsive. Much better then other MMOs I play on iPhone. Good job here guys! Now for just add some stuff for me to do. I pay to play on faith that it will get much better!!
  8. Haha yea thanks. I just read your post on this in questions. I just didn't look hard enough. Guess I'll have to go back to play IMO world of magic till they make it possible for me to advance.
  9. I believe I am just about tapped out on quests. I've done everything except a couple bosses. The last quest I did said something about taking a boat to the main land to fight the mountain clan. Does this mean the boat doesn't work yet? Or do I need to kill the remaining bosses?
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