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  1. hhahahaha :search: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ppl beg for free mcoins :facepalm:
  2. b*tch crossfitt :rofl: :rofl:
  3. 458_Italia

    New records

    1 scroll per 3 days ;) bcs i have 2x darkness set and 4x attack set and 5x bows. and i am farming. not running in nortland
  4. firstly noone is immortal in this game :facepalm: and tell me your nick? :bad:
  5. choose a box and farming are in different statue nowdays :crazy:
  6. i heard drlfetih banned :shok:
  7. it sounds good, but i am changing armors as a enemy's name. u know, if u ask them u can learn player's item / built / stats etc. i am making strategies for each enemy :spiteful: :dirol: (i told it bcs if nicknames has been hidden ; then u cant see nicks on start statue even.)
  8. Himm. Yea. on the other hand, I didnt get it by Luck. I farmed and dropped :dirol: then u are asking that who got from noobland swamps
  9. i will put new one after amped my bow ;)
  10. hahahahaha lmao :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: u retard :tease:
  11. are u drunk? are u sure that names of poll ? dmarzo ? omfg :facepalm: close topic :facepalm: :bad:
  12. not so strong both of them. they are strong but not the Strongest
  13. hahahaha :D are u talking about bug? firstly its not bug just rate decreased. and i dont farm with your noob tactic. dont act like pro here. if u would be pro . u wouldnt cry and talking junk :rofl:
  14. lol u are crying always like kids. u are getting items with only LUCK. no respawn no pot no run in laby. only try your luck. but still u are crying...
  15. if u cant reach to kotaravva easily, then try second way that is farming in Astral Labyrinth. also there was no any Respawn Statue in Astral Labyrinth...
  16. it suggested many :crazy:
  17. its not a bug. Just questor can call smaller Laparies whom has blue ranks and they hit same like yellow rank laparies.
  18. No. there isnt any respawn statue in Astral Labyrinth
  19. i hope NOOBS AGE will over :facepalm:
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