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  1. I say yes yes. should revive this... http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/25699-additions-to-meniru-guises-for-the-love-of-green-eye/?hl=meniru%20guises
  2. pummy! and is true mumei is crazy ducked up lady all is settled can kill this thread plsthx
  3. ok hai. been away, reading about this first time.. so what problem is there that needs to be solved? I don't know who was kicked or what's happened exactly and maintenance nao. and seth is core vortex, old timer all timer. but please don't fight les hav chsbrgr.
  4. fran #1 chickengnome photo supplier
  5. The Mad Minstrel tired of sitting in towns in a world with no bgm bards from all around are beginning to band together and revolt against the cruelty! for music! the mad minstrel wreaks havoc in a random town across all islands, never moving on to the next until he has been defeated. difficulty of the mad minstrel and rarity of loot scale according to the town in which he appears. skills: lute flail - the mad minstrel spins in place, gusts of wind randomly unequip 1 armor slot of all surrounding players swaying step - the mad minstrel performs a persuasive dance charming all players in a small area to turn against their allies for x seconds interlude! - the mad minstrel sounds his horn to recover x HP, all players within a small area are put to sleep for x seconds out of tune - all players within an area have their attack speed reduced by 75% and their cooldown time increased by 75% for x seconds for looks: like dis guy but less sephiroth and more like give flute too and cool hat with a feather
  6. well, ice queen was around before arena accessories, and then ice queen had hp bonus removed.. but yeah, I see wut u sayin der. for melee losing acc and/or dodge on a rings hurts. truth. but seems these days most are gearing for res and high hp builds anyways while forgoing dodge and accuracy enchants for fortitude and pene... soo.. I'd say if you can manage to hold on to an accessory rank with little effort *coughkilldummyptlikeeveryoneelseseemstodocough* then it's at least worth it for the opportunity to have fun running max res builds..
  7. born had a thread going at one point with a load of ideas.. arena style request instance, which I agree with here is the best way to do it, was brought up.. some other good ideas too. I will keep the hope! but with a world full of maps to meet up and now with chao$ pots in the mix.. idk..
  8. we've begged and pleaded for 1v1 system many many times. it would be awesome but devs have made it clear in the past that it isn't going to happen.
  9. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/15906-massive-spoiler-for-norlant-swamps/
  10. all fish turn into dog stealing flying monkeys I wish for enchiladas
  11. gank happens.. no way to solve it.. the more you frequent cave the better it gets. calling on a load of friends only makes gankers more prone to disturb you the next time you're alone. fight back 1v1.. most gankers haz itty bitty brain, they lose interest quickly. or simply lv up opposite faction for PvP while idiots disturb someone else.
  12. Hamstring

    gg lost mod

    who created 'regarding poley and stolen gears'? why is swaaz punished for it? scamming mod gets favoritism from love-struck admin? I'm calling bullshit here.
  13. Hamstring

    gg lost mod

    why was swaaz removed as mod?
  14. that's not really the issue here..?
  15. go reed gain prs. never denied was a mistake to trust. and I'm guessing others have been simply for not knowing, which was the purpose of the original thread.
  16. well.. I'm all for everyone being held to the same standard. the problem comes when there is no standard.. and circus starts. azebu really hit it dead on, unprofessionalism.
  17. if you were in the process of selecting moderators and on searching candidate's post history found a topic like 'regarding x and stolen gears' clearly proving poor conduct, would you then employ that person as moderator?
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