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  1. Cerberus4lyf I remember our secret gathering point xD
  2. I remember dis guy fastest charge from face to face.. memories of many great pvp. Nice to see you bro, I've been quit as well only logging these last few days, not fussing with money-sink cap levels though..
  3. Axe update was dumbsauce. I remember when resilience started becoming popular, people had same feelings there too..
  4. yes yes, born. Where's the damn time machine.
  5. well I can only say when I take breaks or am just away from the game I never log, I don't think that's uncommon. last time I took a break lead bounced around vortex, caused some problems. it would be nice for the guilds who are less active not to have to worry about those things. i don't think it has been a benefit for our style of guild. and some guilds are like us too I bet. really no need for lead to pass in a forced way so quickly for the few cases where player holding it has disappeared a whole 14 days and there is some urgency to access coffers or heir a newb.
  6. I try ver hard. dk too much big hand keep face on floor
  7. sarraaaaan. true dat. I can't recall now who bought first between pain and moon.. If I remember right moon bought one farmed the other. absy would know..
  8. puss was a dude, then he gave his account to a rl friend or something like that. Manley vs Kaworu. you know PvP nadir? we made it famous xD and kowaru never was a full on char, was a guy who spam/troll trade chat at times and then would delete, did that a bunch of times. same as kavvoru. only double +10 az glad those days was tpain (of which he paid 300k and 400k for each), long before anyone really knew how or tried eyes. kaworu was second bd with dual glads that were actually farmed. sennheiser was first and our farm team learned 3 man scorp and 4 man exe from him. low man lab farms those days was fun, made a shit ton of gold when almost nobody else was doing it. spent 8hrs a day logged there for months. original one yeah, he still plays xD
  9. so I cleaned up some of my screens, deleted ~1400 but some I was too fond of to let go. here's a few oldies..
  10. yeah, character and weapon must meet the lv requirement of crystal.
  11. I've seen r0land repeat the same thing about only being passed to heirs as well. this guy in that screen claims it was passed to newb/explorer.. does it actually? can anyone else confirm? I don't recall it happening in vortex.. but even then there's a huge difference between trusting a player enough with the heir power of kick, setting messages or using guild skills and trusting in someone as curator of a guild. @snowman, life happens. some guilds are not very active. 2 weeks isn't an unheard of amount of time to be away from a game. still waiting to see an insightful/useful post from this 'dumb noob'
  12. so after war log off in cliff, come back for picnic and sightseeing and this sham wants to ruin my lunch
  13. yeah pretty much what mr. sulla said. on the other hand.. anyone who plays mmo knows eyeballing for definitive conclusions is lulz. so there must be some tools at aigrind's disposal to look further than creation date/location/fb link? needs moar Jeremy Brett.
  14. 2 weeks much too short and lead falling on newbie/explorer is simply dumb. add co-lead guild rank available only for one member, lead can only fall to this player. when lead is passed to co-lead due to inactivity that player will be prompted and must select a new co-lead at that moment. problem solved. yes aigrind, you may hire me nao.
  15. true dat elie. @chknfry you said that that necro was active every day but is this bd online 24/7 farming? that would make it pretty clear.. I too am curious about input from gunslinger or mr munk. try pulling top spider away from him towards top of map? maybe you'll confuse his script xD
  16. yeah it's true, that's one way to feel about it. but on the other hand she didn't have to do anything at all. most people made up their minds on kathi and the incidents and it was approaching ancient history, the fact she gave anything at all shows some good will. of course it doesn't even come close to replacing the significance of what was lost for me.. known kathi a long time.. but the talk we had +apology makes up for a lot.
  17. it could be that your bag would reach capacity on opening the novice set. dk would require 10 slots of free bag space to use.
  18. interesting. webs that lucrative in EU sentinel? xD
  19. so some forum users might remember the epic dramm of 'stolen gears' thread. if you don't.. search and popcorn urself. I'm posting this in response to what just occurred this evening. kathi decided to make up for what happened by gifting faceless costume to me along with what I think was a sincere apology. she knew this was not necessary as i've told her on multiple occasions I didn't want anything. so in the end it shows some good character on her part. I respect and thanked her for that. that's all I really wanted to say. after she gave me facless she logged off and deleted styxa.
  20. easy for necro, easiest with couple necro and shams. employ timed nukes. used to drop eye of ravva..
  21. that's why I love it, awesome skill. agree for dragon eye
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