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  1. Not to hijack your thread or anything but look at the situation of daggers. Wtk and acute rondel are almost impossible to tell apart and doom rondel is just another color, almost every dagger in the game is identical. Lv13 acute dirk lookin more pimp than doom.. I'd like to see more designs as well. Can we move this to suggestions?
  2. Lol, you guys know what he means, everyone typos from time to time. What really irks me is when people abbreviate words that really shouldn't be abbreviated. Like using "u" instead of "you" or "dun" instead of "don't". Omitting a couple letters in a word that is only 3 4 or 5 long is just lazy and sloppy. But yeh, go watch sapphire tc, especially sentinel, and see how long it takes you to puke.
  3. Yup. forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=74148.0 I feel your pain. If you're on a later model ipod/iphone just upgrade to the latest iOS, otherwise get ready to play pc or buy a new device.
  4. Yes it is true, I walk around with a dinosaur-pod in my pocket, but was a little surprised as the game ran just fine. Again, thanks for the reply.
  5. Thank you for the reply, Unfortunately 2nd generation devices, which is what I use, only support iOS up to 3.2.1- sad, sad day.
  6. Say it ain't so... Are 2nd gen apple users really getting abandoned? Just like that? :(
  7. Hands down flash/sap/ham 555. Putting points in aggro is only beneficial if you plan on tanking range mobs at a distance or have that much difficulty holding enmity over your dot'ers. Either way having a ranger tank wins over both those situations and far outweighs losing points in the others. Points in parry is debatable upon your build choice. Each lv of parry will add 1% to the attribute. Full parry bd with 5 points in the skill can reach a whopping 20% proc rate. That number requires you to have divine head and parry rune on cloak and dual gladius. It can be pushed a few .1's higher if your sporting old rune or lv18 weapons. I don't know any bd who run skill builds other than max flash, sap and ham- I've always been satisfied in those.
  8. Any bladedancer should work towards a number of sets, limiting yourself to one build will only hurt you. Most popular would be a high def build with as much parry/dodge as you can acquire. These are great in farms vs bosses who hit physical as well as pvp. Mixing bg sets and/or divine is the best route to go for this. Invest in a resilience build. Even if it's low amp, plug res runes and you will be amazed at what it can do for you. Chance to dodge crits and reduction of damage received from other players and high crit and hp bonus alone makes this worthwhile, on top of that it is effective not only vs phys attacks but anything- sun, dark, moon.. If it's coming from another player resilience has you covered. Use this in war or pvp, not a fantastic choice for farms. Make a dot set. Yes I mean light gear. There's a million bd out there and not always enough mobs for you to be tanking one. If your not a meat shield in any given situation slap on some bg revenge, shadow, light lab gear, cc, kw, anything high acc/crit/speed. No sense in standing around slapping mobs in 11-15% crit and 3k+ def when you're not getting hit back. As well, for the love of everything holy- get hold of mp regen. Every bd should have at least two sets of rings. Penetration and mp regen. If you dont have mp rings and you do anything else other than pvp- I'm sorry but you are gimping yourself. If your using carved or anything else without hp regen for your harmony rings it would be a good idea to invest in a third pair of delicate or high quality rings for hp regen. BD is probably the most versatile melee class and having different sets or even a few choice pieces to swap in and out will make people wow over you. Shit is situational, be prepared, don't full time endurance!
  9. The strongest asset in any mmo isnt the weapon in your hands or the + on your gear it's the number of true friends on your list, your attitude and your outlook on the game. I think many players either don't know or are forgetting this. Cheers to you Sir Guwer.
  10. You can trust that I know exactly how it feels. I camped for months to complete my cloth, light, heavy sets. Third bd with legit dual gladius. I was there when first dooms dropped elf side. Damn proud of what I've done in lab. If you like I can on Kaworu and link it all to you. Obvious is not so obvious. The fact that most 17's now sell for way less does not take the fun away from farming it with your friends and you can still get 18's at deep bosses. The shop ruled before swamps, still does...nothing changed there, good thing it's optional. People cry and cry for updates, new content, anything.. and then when it's delivered they ♥♥♥♥♥ and moan because the game is no longer the same. No shit. I say good riddance to the players who are quitting because they now feel their epeens are inadequate.
  11. I've had to give up on my apple device as warspear seemingly is no longer supported for 2nd gen users- iOS 3.2 now being a requirement to run a 2-D app. Sadface.
  12. No big loss? If old players are quitting perhaps it's because they can't deal with change? or are impatient? I like the 60% though, was there a census?
  13. This may be what you were looking for? http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=1618.360
  14. This is even more important now with the addition of Priest and Necro, every millisecond counts towards keeping up with hp. Good stuff!
  15. Hamstring

    forum rat

    Thanks for the aneurysm. Does it count when all those friends are yourself?
  16. Hamstring

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    Flarelyred has many forum accounts. If you look close enough it is very obvious :blush:
  17. Hamstring

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    There are a lot of jello posts going down in these forums. Posts that at a quick glance seem to have some sort of verity or purpose to them but in the end are just completely transparent and full of sweet nothing. People just want to get noticed, hence the apparent need to swell their post count.
  18. Lv13 gear Can only be bought from other players or on market as they are not shop items. Lv13 gear drops from bosses scattered around second islands. Maraksha, Dinalt, Kratt, Genie on elf/chosen side and Sea, Lake, Garr, Granite Guard on mc/forsaken. Both sides also share Gridaur who drops lv13's as well. If you haven't had the experience of farming these yet I suggest you get on it. Drop rates are not so hot so you might want to pack a lunch and include a healthy portion of patience. Good luck! Lv15 purples are arena gear. Make sure to use up all your tickets as much as possible to accumulate arena points. You can browse the arena shop npc to see the how many points you will need to save up. You can find Arena gear npc in the shop in Kamp Gasphel (town 1, second island). These include Body, hands, feet, head and waist armor as well as weapons. Lv15 purple rings, cloaks and belts can be found as drops from berengars guard Lambert.
  19. Nightmare is quickly becoming my fav skill. Duration Ancient seal 5 Bone shield 3 Nghtmare 3 is what I use @lv14.
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