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  1. I really like the shirt.. I'd wear dat. your paper art and creations are super cool.. I can imagine the epic sax guy style but a bladedancer mid-swing or a lock dropping circle.. cool stuff brother.
  2. alright charmer friend! points for doge, points for pocket square! good!
  3. Yeah thats my fancy behind bless. You're right, where my charmer is at right now it feels like increasing stone duration wouldn't feel as immediately important during most pvp as that extra second would feel during arena. But yap, im not gonna book again until new experts..
  4. Who said anything about comparing to other games? What's the farthest you will ever have to travel on foot? Cave to ayv t4? Takes what.. 4 minutes to run either side of irselnort? Think about the animals too bros.. bears in captivity.. ain't no good for no one
  5. I seen ppl tele for one town over, it's laziness and simple wanting. Warspear is small, sry.
  6. Yeah that's my dilemma.. that point always been destined for stone .. but i play with thoughts of eye and bless xD
  7. Hola charmer friend! Stone curse really is helpful in arena.. along with oppression you'll have a 4 yard and 3-5yard(depending oppress inaccessibility relic) disable ready to unleash.. Eye of darkness is a great skill indeed, detects invisible opponent up to 10 yard and 20-35% magic and physical defense. @lv24 I use 5call 5oppress 3weak 4 knowledge 1stone 1fire 1bless 1eye with an undecided skill point left to spend.. Must rely heavily on knowledge for pvp, this skill is top above all imo. As for the basic skills ive tried 5call 5oppress with prism and weakness at 3.. whether prism, weakness or heal as lv3 point dump I feel that there isn't one worse than the other, of course, shit is situational.
  8. Let's change tele scroll icon to pictures of bears and birds and wolves with saddles? I like the idea of mounts.. but warspear such a small game..
  9. Upon closer inspection... you sure no delorean in there?
  10. Yeah, I'd go phys mace all the way.. being able to 'amp' your doge is big help on damage. tho I bet there could be some effective magic mace/call solo builds if high numbers..
  11. Double meniru, double the fun.
  12. Hola vortexeses Still some kickin.. and gab too.. And i don't think there was any mention in here? but vortex be 4 nao. Spiff.
  13. Well prism, oppress and otherwordly fire are magic based damage skills.. while call and knowledge of the dead man are physical. So magic power equipment and accessory along with magic mace and staff will for sure be the best bet for increasing damage to your prism oppress and fire.. whether that's best for the type of charmer you're playing I think depends very much on what you're versus at any given moment.. Could it be less of the devs thinking magic is 'best' and more of the thinking that phys dmg accessory with resilience might give too much strength to one build of charmer over another? But yap. New experts, new experts, wherefore art thou, new experts..
  14. That depends on the charmer.. unless and until new experts favor heavy for staff/magic mace. My charm placed 2nd in 5x5 this past season.. while I'd still prefer physical dmg cloak I'm not entirely unhappy and eagerly awaiting new skills. Haven't paladins been crying about this forever? Will it change for charm? .. doubtful.
  15. What's all them tied up figurines about.. looks medical.. looks kink... I can't discern which...? Cool photo :D
  16. 35% decent yap. And 20 duration 20 recast 4/4.. very nice skill!
  17. Haha yes xD somebody got a charmer to amp :[ Hola all, ty! GUACAMOLE!
  18. Healing aura sounds useful.. or more party/single target buffs similar to eye of darkness.. reduce targets cooldown by x% for x seconds.. Really would like more support skills.. I think this style of charmer could be funfun.
  19. Hola, So this is my entry.. if coin for face? This guuuud deal. Good luck(?) to all!
  20. I like the idea to choose your rewards though with so many choices it might keep the same players spamming for top spots season after season? ..then again.. it feels this way now. What about expanding 1st place rewards to top 3 and contenders 4th to 10th? Chance to get another dragonborn? I'm down for that.
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