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  1. The current imbalance of the shaman and chief is clear! In a simple arena mode, the healing of the healing totem is noticeable, ignoring the number of players affected by the ability, causing completely pve players to resist pvp players in a completely broken way. When compared to the other healing classes, none of them can perform this "miracle" that the totem has been doing, which goes completely against the logic of the game. Another clear imbalance is the chief class that even those players who wear light armor can resist more than tank classes and do more damage than damage classes, all without a minimum of plausible amplification, I’ve had enough of running into the arena with a pve chief against 4 pvp players who couldn’t kill him for its damage and completely meaningless healing. In addition to the resistance and damage of the chief, another attention goes to the fact that his ability to run remains connected when the gvg starts, abilities such as the fire aura even if connected before the gvg, after the start are automatically disconnected, so because this kind of logic works for all classes except the chief? The ability of a skill to remain linked after gvg has advantages for one side, and the goal of gvg is not that, to bring benefits to any side. Let it be clear that this is not a dispute between guilds, but a dispute of justice between factions, so that both sides have the same chance of winning equally.
  2. Gostaria de saber o que define o tamanho do jogo na tela, pois no meu celular tenho grande visibilidade do mapa assim como no notebook, já no celular do meu namorado a visibilidade do mapa é bem menor, inclusive o char é maior. Alguém sabe o que define isso?
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