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  1. Many times im standing still and click on myself and no hit mob who is attacking me. The not sync screens is a big problem in this game if devs are reading this please repair tht in next update after 3.4.
  2. Thx for the answer :drinks:
  3. Welcome to the internet and forums, there will alway be someone that doesent agree with u or wil write suff just to troll, get used to it.Everyone have the right to say their opinion + what little i saw of daxter999 post in your topics he is just expresing his opinion, if u dont like it just ignore it.
  4. I cant decide if i like new update or not.Just one thing devs pls stop making everything in game dependant on luck. we need more thing that we can earn in game or buy with gold or cc or arena points not only mcoin. For next update pls consider changing amp insurance in gold or cc because 59 m coin and sign is the same thing.
  5. Ok i have problems with earthquake skill: 1. 80 % of time whan i cast earthquake i my char goes to the location where i clicked,even if i click one yard away from me 2. almost 50 % of time skill does nothing (not resist),there is animation of yelow drop falling and that is it, no effect at all(no animation on ground) does anyone have similar problems or is it jus me?
  6. Tenkre

    Arena reward

    My point is if u see which class u fight not which player or which equip he uses,just a popup which looks like at the end of game, no classes and no skills would be usless, + tht opens more tacticks and nore planing. I agree tht top ten players are ticket spammers for that i have another suggestion limit ticket use( one set a day), or ticket wins has less points rewarded for win, or make two separateranking lists one for ticket users one for players who uses only free tickets.
  7. Tenkre

    Arena reward

    I didnt see my oponents on any map but i dont mean see players but on entering an arena there should be a popup screen with classes and levels or just classes.Idk why the secrecy.
  8. I suggest that u make some reward system for top 10 players in every category. So after each season 1 place gets costume, but 2nd to 10th gets items, pots, gold, arena tickets, and such. Plus i have one more suggestion, i think it would be nice to see who u fight before each match, so u can plan accordingly.
  9. I agree it should be a challange to get equip not only arena but all equip, but i must say points rewarded for win in arena are bit too low, win in 2x2 for lvl 20 is 22 (if im wrong correct me) lvl 17 arena staff is 7k points i get aprox 10 free fights a day so if i win all 10(which is impossible) i should get 220 a day for me to buy a staff i need to win every fight for a month :shok: .And that is a "bit" too much for my opinion.
  10. I just want to say tht lvl 15 arena items are the same like lvl 15 unique drops(only diference is resilience) ,so for me it doesent make sense now lvl 17 abys item are usless,and arena item are that special we all have lvl 15 arena item like we will all have lvl 17 arena item after some time.
  11. Same here all i get from all quests on northland is runes and crytals, devs pls up a chance to get item a bit.
  12. Tenkre


    I agree with bid system.But i suggest tht they make it like ebay, u put item on bid with starting price and u say how long should item be available for bidding. Highest bid after tht time buys item. No need to change mail system u just get info whan ur item sold.
  13. Nokia has an updted client in store and on warspear webpage.Ios(for retards = iphone,ipad) version is delayed. Dont insult ppl for no reason, and u learn to read ;) .
  14. Yea and one more thing u say that m coin value in gold varies, but in my oppinion it shouldnt because the value of m coins in real money doesent change 100 m coins i always pay the same real money.So the real value of m coin doesnt change why should it change in gold value?
  15. Also the problem is that u need to whait that someone puts an item u need in market, some items dont appear for several days i u can sell m coin to oter ppl they can buy item they want whan they want(in perfect case).Ok dont concider suggestion nubmer 3 it was a long shot.Other problem i see is that ppl who cant buy m coin cant enjoy the benefits of discounts, yesterday sign was on almost 50 % off but prices in trader didnt even drop a little, i know its economics but the ppl in this game are too greedy. And the m coin value isnt the same an every item which is absurd if u ask meall runes whic
  16. Many players in game cant buy m coin for one reason or other, i have few sugestions how to "repair" that, i dont know if they are possible or how hard is it to make but devs please concider it: 1 suggestion: Make an option to buy a gift code, wich u can than share with your friends who cant buy m coin. 2 sugestion: Make m coin ticket in m shop(100 m coins for ticket worth 100 m coin)that we can than sell with trader 3 suggestion: Make a bank/exchange office in nadir where we can exchange gold or cc for m coin. I suggest : - 1 M coin = 150 gold - 10 M coins = 1000
  17. I need to say this again,because some ppl get wrong idea about "complaining" about this issue. The point arent m coins or how many can u get for free, but feature that only some ppl can use,to tell u the truth i dont need free m coin and dont much care about free m coin, i buy them whan i need them and will contnue to buy them, the problem is that u cannot make some feature of the game available to some ppl and not to others.Lets say that the situation is rewerse tht only simbyan players can get free mcoin but nobady else can this tread would have much more comments and much more complaints. I
  18. Ok i got it,dont get me wrong i like the game very much, all things u done so far is great, but this move is very amateur, u cant make some feature which is available only to some players. Features in game should be avaliable to all or none.Next u gonna make an update which raises lvl cap to 30 and only players who plays on ipone 5 can get to it ::) . Seriously make some alternative that all players can get free m coin or remove tht option all together.
  19. Sorry for repeting quote but what do you mean by "such kind of software"?
  20. Ya i got that, but its not fair, some player have a chance to get free m coin some dont.U should make somthin that plyaers who play on pc or symbian can get hree m coin.
  21. Only for ios and android players? What about rest of us?
  22. I have 1 comment about changes in reward system on new island. Pls remove lvl 12 items as rewards, tht stupid island is for players from lvl 14 and up, lvl 12 items no use to anyone. Make new items lvl 16 maybe ,or put more potions and stuff just remove lvl 12 items.
  23. They changed reward per quest i saw only one high lvl item per quest.Pls can someone confirm or was i just unlucky.
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