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  1. thanks it helped when i got confused in some maps :good:
  2. Nice guide will help lots of players :good: . btw imo Mc: -Barb Strong blow lv5, Charge lv3, roar lv3 Full damaging -Strong blow lv5, Charge lv5, Chop lv5 Full defending-Strong blow lv5, Charge lv5, Roar lv5 -Rogue: Ms lvl 5, stealth lvl5, dodge lvl3 gogue lvl3(sometimes u need dodge n sometimes gouge) -Shaman: Pvp-Lightning ball lv5, Healing spirit lv5, Blind lvl 5 Chosen: -Pala: Purification lv5, Fetters of justice lv5, aura lv5(I believe every pala shud have aura lvl5 at lvl18) -Priest: Healing touch lv5, Holy shield lv5, Word power lv3, Harad tears lv3(if word power 5 den healers in pvp will take very long time) In all other builds I agree with Zam. And chosen’s suggestion doesn’t apply to mage I think.;D
  3. add snowroz(elven char of snowrozs) n xcrystax also him/her. which says he/she can hack scammer n give scamed account for coins/gold. :facepalm: :bomb:
  4. snowroz scamed my friend's account yesterday :bad: . i wish i knew he is scamer :aggressive: please add his name in list n other scamer nice work keep it up :good:
  5. nope not working. Dunno why. I tried all before posting here.
  6. please tell me how to open symbols menu In game chat in qwerty keypad, m using nokia E71. I can't use all smiles because all symbols not available in main keypad.
  7. this is not cool.. Really i mean that's totaly unfair. Seroiusly its forcing to leave game. Free m.coins to only ppl with android and ios..!? There's a large number of ppl who play on other platforms. I understand that tapjoy have only android and ios application. But atleast make it available for pc. nothing else can be done i gusse. Because you guys already partnership with tapjoy. Can't stop free coins now i gusse.:'(
  8. next time just invite him in pt rather then risking your life by doin solo hunt.. If he says no then you can also try to kill and he will try to kill, but imo you'll get the kill cuz of rogue.
  9. @mecha i also tried to tell people the real meaning of noob in trade chat when i saw tc flooded with word noob. But people were like please we don't want your smart talk so please don't try to be over smart *z* and btw if u read carefully I said who WASTE m.coins not use. Its obvious that using m.coin just aid you. Doesn't make you pro or noob.
  10. @gotek: please for god sake don't use word bro if you don't know its meaning & you can't understand the feeling of brotherhood. i feel bad when I see over and formal use of word bro especially in this game. And btw I have no respect for people like you. I mean wtf is this ''i am one of the strongest dk on sapphire..'' . I should not but I hate people who think like this. Its ok if you don't like update .. But please don't cry here on forum & call others noobs and all. we know the reason why a group of people like you don't liked update. As you guys lost control over the price of items and market. Just try to be happy and have fun rather then always thinking about the gold and equips and power. i can still suggest you something go make your all equips +10 or i you already done that. Go buy every costume available in game. And show off them. most of time noobs like me will give good compliment to that.
  11. well I will totaly agree with bloodylipa. But yorae also got point if he talking about people who waste m.coin to own others or to be superior.And I don't think that there is any game which is prefect so can't help it. btw I personally liked update because the concept of lab was old, boring and hard. so update came with new map. swamp offers new exiting and different quests. But update bad in few ways. As swamps reward totaly ruined the lab and cc concept. I mean why would anyone will do cc quest or lab hunts, if they can get same toys in an easy way.
  12. not much helpfull. Because now more rich amp guys steal and fight for drops over there. Please take down topic. As devs won't/can't do anything about this
  13. dammm i should stop walking naked :/ I collected 60 swamp morels n thought that I just have to feed him *z* but he turned in smthg n attacked me... Couldn't kill him with punches *z* so anyways I was happy that I completed long quest. and was hoping good reward. But when I reported I just got xp n gold. So I was hurt deeply :'(. Didn't knew he gives so awesome troll mask :* I'll do it now thanks this post helped.
  14. holyspilz ty for belt pic. Can u pls post more pics of ur equips. u have nice equips of priest. :D
  15. Well as i mentioned i want to b healer/support I want to c equips having astral magic. N btw i spended 4 points to sheild n 1 point to tears. Imho sheild preety good in game n arena battle. As u don't take dmg froms mobs so less repair cost. N u can easily win 1v1 if enemy dnt have high amped equips. It will b gr8 i you/any one can post some equips for priest lvl 15
  16. well i never saw a low lvl barbarian killing yellow crown boss alone.. m not saying that its not possible bt its tough. he must be rich n will b using pots ;D
  17. guys i needed some help.. i have a priest lvl 10 n m just doing arena so i can get arena lvl 15 weapon n belt..i need info about lvl 15 priest best equips. since m noob n priest is new factiom idk all items. i tried to find help in game but didn't got much info. pls post names n images of lvl 15 best items as healer for priest thanks in advance :)
  18. hereicome


    you said it ryt..i also don't like playing in mc cuz very less ppl.. especially good ppl very less :cray: i just do arena in mc side now because frnds left game :cray:
  19. phew.. i think now i can join a nice clan :) ..hope it goes well :good:
  20. well as u facing problem with elites. So imo healers will b best. Because u can do atleast green crown ones alone n easily..n even yellow if ur heal good n u have good tank..so go for necro/shaman in mc.. And priest/druid in elfs
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