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    REAPER reacted to rafa9876 in World Event Rewards based on activity   
    Current rewards during events unchanged, but there would be a weekly rating that works like this.
    During world events, tanks get :
    Points for taking damage & using aggression skills & dealing damage + points for fulfilling objectives.
    Damage dealers get :
    Points for dealing damage & killing monsters + points for fulfilling objectives.
    Healers get :
    Points for healing & supporting allies + points for fulfilling objectives.
    All players with higher than X points get added to this weekly rating, receiving bonus rewards at the end of each week if they reached those minimum points, additionally getting guaranteed smileys, hairstyles or other goodies based on their rank.
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    REAPER reacted to Holmes in [2021.12.03] To arms! The LXIV arena season has begun!   
    Prove that you are the one worthy of the honors and rewards in the new LXIV Arena Season! Horrifying like death itself, the Dragonborn's Great Armor costume will only be given to the most resilient and brave warriors, as well as the base PvP-skills Arena Keeper's Aid and Gladiator's Wrath - with them, conquest will become much easier. And the main reward for you will be the most valuable currency "Imperials of Greatness", only it can open the way to unlimited power on the battlefields.
    But hurry up! While the bonus is in effect, it will be much easier to accumulate the coveted amount for legendary equipment!
    02.12, 23:00 CET - 09.12, 23:00 CET
    the amount of Imperials of Greatness in daily rewards in the Arena 5x5 mode is doubled. 09.12, 23:00 CET - 16.12, 23:00 CET
    the amount of Imperials of Greatness in daily rewards in the Temple of Seals 4x4 mode has been doubled. In addition, Crucible 3x3 and Temple of Seals 3x3 modes will be unavailable this season; instead, it will be possible to fight in Temple of Seals 4x4 and Arena 3x3 modes. To avoid confusion, here's the complete list of available modes in the LXIV Arena Season:
    Arena 2x2 Arena 3x3 Temple of Seals 4x4 Arena 5x5 Themed maps of the Horror Circus will also become unavailable. 
    Rewards of the LXIV Arena season: 

    1st place: 
    - costume "Dragonborn's Great Armor" 
    - 100 Gladiator's Chests 
    - base PvP-skill "Arena Warden's Assistance" 
    - "Gold Gladiator's Aura" buff 
    - currency “Imperials of Greatness” 

    2nd place: 
    - 75 Gladiator's Chests 
    - base PvP-skill "Arena Warden's Assistance" 
    - "Silver Gladiator's Aura" buff 
    - currency “Imperials of Greatness” 

    3rd place: 
    - 50 Gladiator's Chests 
    - base PvP-skill "Arena Warden's Assistance" 
    - "Bronze Gladiator's Aura" buff 
    - currency "Imperials of Greatness" 

    4-5 places: 
    - 20 Gladiator's Chests 
    - base PvP-skill "Arena Warden's Assistance" 
    - "Bronze Gladiator's Aura" buff 
    - currency “Imperials of Greatness” 

    6-10 places: 
    - 20 Gladiator's Chests 
    - "Bronze Gladiator's Aura" buff 
    - currency “Imperials of Greatness” 

    11-20 places: 
    - 10 Gladiator's Chests 
    - currency “Imperials of Greatness” 

    21-50 places: 
    - currency “Imperials of Greatness” 

    Arena 5x5 | Temple of Seals 4x4:

    1st place: 
    - costume "Dragonborn's Great Armor"
    - basic PvP skill “Wrath of the Gladiator” 
    - "Gold Gladiator's Aura" buff 

    2nd place: 
    - costume "Dragonborn's Great Armor"
    - basic PvP skill “Wrath of the Gladiator” 
    - "Silver Gladiator's Aura" buff 

    3nd place: 
    - costume "Dragonborn's Great Armor"
    - basic PvP skill “Wrath of the Gladiator” 
    - "Bronze Gladiator's Aura" buff 

    4-10 places: 
    - basic PvP skill “Wrath of the Gladiator” 
    - "Bronze Gladiator's Aura" buff 

    11-15 places: 
    - basic PvP skill “Wrath of the Gladiator” 

    The LXIV Arena season will last from 03.12.2021, 11:00 CET to 31.12.2021, 11:00 CET.

    Stay strong! 
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    REAPER reacted to Holmes in [2021.11.25] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter XI   
    The heroes of both alliances began the new year of confrontation, inspired by the glory of the past days and full of determination to accomplish new feats. The warriors spent the rest of the summer in battles - and were surprised to find that their skills, honed over the years, underwent important changes (8.4.2). 
    With the beginning of autumn, the warlords of the Legion and the Guardians alike turned to the ancient wisdom of their ancestors, jealously guarded by the heroes who had previously remained in the shadows. When the leaders of the Clans called to the spirits of the gray mountain peaks, and the templars of the Chosen directed their prayers to the sun in the rays of its zenith, a new page was turned in the protracted confrontation of the alliances (9.0 «Heroes of the new era»).
    Soon gloomy autumn clouds covered the whole of Arinar, and the first rumors of a terrible epidemic began to spread from the remote island of Grunland. An unknown disease wiped out the population of the once prosperous island overnight. As it turns out, the sinister Green Sickness was created by the mad alchemist Totenhof. With the help this ailment, he planned to create an army of the living dead, in order to conquer first Grunland, and then the whole of Arinar. The world was to turn into a gigantic crucible for Totenhof’s wicked alchemical metamorphoses. Having found an antidote, the heroes of the alliances did not allow these deranged plans to come to fruition (9.1 «Infected Grunland»). 
    Winter brought good news. This year no troubles befell the Snow Boundary — and White Beard decided to make use of the surprising break. He decided to realize a great plan — to build an impenetrable citadel that would not fall to any enemy. At once architects were found who could handle such a task: the snow elves Мартис and  Петрис. But when it became clear that they could not cooperate, White Beard decreed to hold a competition between the elves, the equal of which the Snow Boundary has never seen before (9.2 «Architects' Competition»).
    With the advent of spring, the School of Magic has once again opened its doors for students. After the failed Rebellion of Serpentus, the responsibilities of the school’s principal befell onto Wickedora. She quickly got down to business, inviting new teachers to the school: Julius Ripp, Animagic magister, and Claudius Librarius, skilled in Illusion Magic. All would be well, but soon after the lessons started, the halls of the school were filled with frightening rumours about the bloodthirsty and mysterious beast, attacking the students. The heroes of the alliances had to find out how truthful those rumours really were. And while everyone suspected Librarius, the real villain, trying to make way for dark powers into the School turned out to be Ripp (9.3 «Mysteries of the School of Magic»).
    In the first weeks of summer, the White Stones once again showed the heroes of Arinar the images of the long forgotten past. This time the brave travellers were sent to the dangerous years of the Great Rift. Then, at the turn of the eras, tlaloks, whose ancient nation died in the deep waters, first arrived to the shores of Ayvondil. The heroes had to help tlaloks overcome challenges on the unfamiliar island. (9.4 «Forward to the Past»).
    Thus ended the thirteen year of the war.
    Previous parts:
    Chapter I
    Chapter II
    Chapter III
    Chapter IV
    Chapter V
    Chapter VIII
    Chapter IX
    Chapter X
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    REAPER reacted to LeeLoo in [2021.10.31] Meet the 4th Season of activities “Benefit of Horror”!   
    Brave warriors!
    The fun at the Horror Circus would be incomplete without Season of activities, which is about to begin in Arinar! Exciting daily and weekly missions await you in the Activity Center! Just do not forget that most of these missions have progress: at 23:00 CET, daily tasks change, and the progress of uncompleted missions is reset. The same thing happens with weekly tasks every Sunday at 23:00 CET. 
    Complete tasks, earn Season Points and get incredibly generous rewards - a new epic Gothic outfit, valuable buffs and useful minions, unusual "Chest of Malevolent smirks" with collectible smileys, a new skill “Naughty Ride”, additional warehouse sections, unique smileys and hairstyles, as well as an exclusive “Chest of Median Night”! 
    The chests may contain:
    Petruccio's Garb Coviello's Garb Punchinello's Garb Arlekin's Garb Jester's Costume Joker Valdemar Boogeyman Hrungnir Alchemist Totenhof Baron Saturday Skins:
    Gladius of the Eternal Forest Scepter of the Eternal Forest Kris of the Eternal Forest Club of the Eternal Forest Spadone of the Eternal Forest Halberd of the Eternal Forest Recade of the Eternal Forest Baton of the Eternal Forest Bow of the Eternal Forest Crossbow of the Eternal Forest Shield of the Eternal Forest  
    Dagger of the Cursed Lands Scepter of the Cursed Lands Rondel of the Cursed Lands Mace of the Cursed Lands Longsword of the Cursed Lands Waraxe of the Cursed Lands Staff of the Cursed Lands Caduceus of the Cursed Lands Bow of the Cursed Lands Lockbow of the Cursed Lands Shield of the Cursed Lands as well as: 
    great elixirs of gladiator, unity and experience; special battle scrolls; powerful potions; precious bars.  
    Skill “Naughty Ride”
    An excellent example of the close interaction of technology and magic will not only allow you to quickly move around the surroundings of Vinetta, but also terrify your appearance. The skill cannot be used during the events “Carnival of Drachmas” and “Mystery of Long Nights”. The skill is available until the end of the season and is valid only on the Horror Circus. 
    Also do not forget about the new benefits of the Battle Pass:
    more unique rewards; additional slots for daily and weekly missions; access to personal and guild warehouse; freely change hairstyles at the Personal Barber. And after completing all levels of the Season of Activities, an additional reward slot will open for owners of the Battle Pass: get an exclusive “Chest of Median Night” for every 40 points earned. Good news! You can do it any number of times during the season! 
    The season starts at October 31, 23:00 CET and lasts through December 05, 23:00 CET.
    Go ahead for fun and cool rewards! 
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    REAPER reacted to LeeLoo in [2021.10.28] Update Warspear Online 10.1: Mystery of Vinetta. Release   
    Yep, but if a member wants to get a reward for a prize place, he needs to earn points.
  8. Cool Story
  9. Cool Story
    REAPER reacted to LeeLoo in [2021.10.28] Update Warspear Online 10.1: Mystery of Vinetta. Release   
    Brave warriors!
    Soon, soon will the Median Night come, full of deadly dangers, ominous surprises and mysterious incidents! The spirit of gloomy triumph has already pierced even the farthest corners of Arinar, and no brave warrior can remain indifferent to the charm of the holiday! The 10.1 update is coming to your Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux devices very soon! From the announcement, you have already learned what tests Vinetta has prepared for you, and now we will tell you about the rewards and gifts that await you on the festive island!
    Please note that new versions for different platforms may be released with a delay!
    Weekly “Melpomene’s Choice” Qualifying Tournament
    Pay homage to the ancient traditions of Vinetta, as its inhabitants are skilled not only on stage, but also on the battlefield! From now on, your guild belongs to one of six theatre troupes and takes part in weekly guild qualifiers, according to the results of which the three strongest guilds from each troupe will find themselves on the theater atoll and fight each other in survival games! To receive a reward for a prize place, you must actively earn tournament points. Try to score as many points as possible to move your guild up the leaderboard and receive these generous rewards:
    1 place: 
    My Personal Epic Fleet skill Terrible Hurry buff Melpomene’s Chest - 50 pcs. Knowledge points - 2600 units 2 place:
    My Personal Epic Fleet skill Terrible Hurry buff Melpomene’s Chest - 35 pcs. Knowledge points - 2000 units 3 place:
    My Personal Epic Fleet skill Terrible Hurry buff Melpomene’s Chest - 25 pcs. Knowledge points - 1600 units 4 place:
    My Personal Epic Fleet skill Terrible Hurry buff Melpomene’s Chest - 15 pcs. Knowledge points - 1300 units 5 place:
    My Personal Epic Fleet skill Terrible Hurry buff Melpomene’s Chest - 15 pcs. Knowledge points - 1100 units 6 place:
    Terrible Hurry buff Melpomene’s Chest - 10 pcs. Knowledge points - 1000 units 7 place:
    Terrible Hurry buff Melpomene’s Chest - 10 pcs. Knowledge points - 900 units 8 place:
    Terrible Hurry buff Melpomene’s Chest - 10 pcs. Knowledge points - 800 units 9 place:
    Terrible Hurry buff Melpomene’s Chest - 10 pcs. Knowledge points - 700 units 10 place:
    Terrible Hurry buff Melpomene’s Chest - 10 pcs. Knowledge points - 600 units 11 place:
    Melpomene’s Chest - 10 pcs. Knowledge points - 550 units 12 place:
    Melpomene’s Chest - 10 pcs. Knowledge points - 500 units 13 place:
    Melpomene’s Chest - 10 pcs. Knowledge points - 450 units 14 place:
    Melpomene’s Chest - 10 pcs. Knowledge points - 400 units 15 place:
    Melpomene’s Chest - 10 pcs. Knowledge points - 350 units 16-20 places:
    Melpomene’s Chest - 5 pcs. Knowledge points - 300 units 21-25 places:
    Knowledge points - 250 units My Personal Epic Fleet skill allows you to move along Vinetta's water canals and do it in a unique style. 
    Terrible Hurry buff that increases the movement speed of the character on the territory of the Drahma Carnival event and in selected dungeons at the Horror Circus by 15% (max. 1 buff).
    Melpomene’s Chests can contain:
    book “Distortion of Life”; holiday “Terrible Relic of Control”; unique empowering relics; seeker's stamina elixirs; unity signs; holiday minions; great elixirs of a gladiator, unity and experience; tickets to an attractions; bewitching potions and scrolls; precious ingots. Time and duration of tournament: weekly
    EU-Emerald / SEA-Pearl 
    Monday 00:00 CEST to Sunday 00:00 CEST
    BR-Tourmaline / US-Sapphire 
    Monday 10:00 CEST to Sunday 10:00 CEST
    Holiday Quests
    The first thing you have to do is to identify the culprit of the disappearances of the artists from the troupe of Sam Hein. After completing your own exciting investigation, you will find out the true intentions of the insidious Puppeteer, and “Shy Actor” and “Agitated Actor” smileys and tickets to an attractions will be yours as a reward!

    In addition to collecting evidence and interrogating witnesses, explore the festive island and experience the theatrical world of Vinetta by completing daily tasks. Don't forget to loot pieces of the amber pumpkin and destroy dangerous bosses! As a reward for your diligence, generous fortune will give you a special gift!
    On the territory of the island, you will find seven mysterious dungeons, where Orlandina, the beloved of the master of the theatre, is forever locked in gloomy doll rooms surrounded by aggressive monsters! Only the bravest warriors will dare to get into Orlandina's estate, kill hostile dolls and fight the owner of the mansion, but these amazing rewards are worth every feat!

    Restless Puppet's Estate (recommended hero level - 6):
    - unique weapons of level 6 with Steal health bonus;
    - unique weapons of level 6 with Stun bonus;
    - unique cloaks, rings and amulets of level 6 with physical/magical damage and Steal health bonus;
    - common empowering relics.
    Dark Puppet's Estate (recommended hero level - 12):
    - unique weapons of levels 10 and 12 with Steal health bonus;
    - unique weapons of levels 10 and 12 with Stun bonus;
    - unique cloaks, rings and amulets of levels 10 and 12 with physical/magical damage and Steal health bonus;
    - common empowering relics.
    Fateful Puppet's Estate (recommended hero level - 16):
    - unique weapons of levels 14 and 16 with Steal health bonus;
    - unique weapons of levels 14 and 16 with Stun bonus;
    - unique cloaks, rings and amulets of levels 14 and 16 with physical/magical damage and Steal health bonus;
    - common empowering relics.
    Angry Puppet's Estate (recommended hero level - 20):
    - unique weapons of levels 18 and 20 with Steal health bonus;
    - unique weapons of levels 18 and 20 with Stun bonus;
    - unique cloaks, rings and amulets of levels 18 and 20 with physical/magical damage and Steal health bonus;
    - unique empowering relics.
    Sinister Puppet's Estate (recommended hero level - 24):
    - unique weapons of levels 22 and 24 with Steal health bonus;
    - unique weapons of levels 22 and 24 with Stun bonus;
    - unique cloaks, rings and amulets of levels 22 and 24 with physical/magical damage and Steal health bonus;
    - unique empowering relics.
    Terrible Puppet's Estate (recommended hero level - 28):
    - unique weapons of levels 26 and 28 with Steal health bonus;
    - unique weapons of levels 26 and 28 with Stun bonus;
    - unique cloaks, rings and amulets of levels 26 and 28 with physical/magical damage and Steal health bonus;
    - unique empowering relics.
    Monstrous Puppet's Estate (recommended hero level - 32):
    - unique weapons of levels 30 and 32 with Steal health bonus;
    - unique weapons of levels 30 and 32 with Stun bonus;
    - unique cloaks, rings and amulets of levels 30 and 32 with physical/magical damage and Steal health bonus;
    - unique empowering relics.
    In addition, you have a unique chance to get “Ethereal Essence”, which can be in the chest of any Dungeon along with the main prize.
    Moreover, in all Dungeons you will find:
    catalysts, essences and substances; spheres of damage and defense enhancement; potions; precious ingots. Drop of rewards in the Dungeons: recommended level +2 (and lower).
    World Event “Shadow Play”
    The inhabitants of Vinetta have long suffered from the brutal pranks of the Puppeteer, but it is in your power to stop this chaos! Clear the island of the puppet undead and help Sam Hein defeat the villain's main minions! For this, each player, starting from level 2, who was on the territory of the stage for at least 30 seconds at the time of its successful completion, will receive the following awards:

    1st stage: Puppeteer’s Chest I and Reliable Cover buff that increases the lifetime and power of the monster summoned by the Wooden Legionnaire's Help skill by 15% (max. 3 buffs - 45%).
    2nd stage: Puppeteer’s Chest II and Extraordinary Resilience buff that reduces the incoming damage of a character from monsters by 5% (max. 3 buffs - 15%).
    3rd stage: Puppeteer’s Chest III and Otherworldly Power buff that increases the damage dealt by the character to monsters by 4% (max. 3 buffs - 12%).
    4th stage: Puppeteer’s Chest IV and Magic of Vampirism buff that increases character’s "Steal Health" parameter by 3% (max. 3 buffs - 9%).
    5th stage: Puppeteer’s Chest V and Sudden Shock buff that increases the “Stun” parameter of the character by 2% (max. 3 buffs - 6%).
    6th stage: Puppeteer’s Chest VI and My Personal Fleet skill - allows you to move along Vinetta's water canals and Unprecedented Dexterity buff that increases character's skill cooldown speed by 3% (max. 3 buffs - 9%) - if the fifth stage has been successfully completed.
    Any Puppeteer’s Chest can contain collectible smileys of the marionette dolls, plague doctor, skeletons, masks and owls and unique frightening hair styles, as well as:
    small empowering relics. seeker's stamina elixirs; tickets to an attractions; holiday minions; lesser elixirs of a gladiator, unity and experience; potions and scrolls; precious ingots; And in the Chest for the last stage there could be the Shadow Maestro costume!
    Restart time: scheduled, 03:05, 11:05, 19:05 CEST.
    Tournament guild event on the GvG territory “Carnival of Drachmas”
    The theatrical world of Vinetta is rather harsh: the path to the main stage is blocked not only by water barriers, but also by serious competitors! You will need the help of all the warriors of your guild to destroy the maximum number of PvP monsters, leave your rivals behind and take the main reward! 

    1 place:
    Vinetta Gladiator Treasury - 5 pcs. Sinister Adventure buff 2 place:
    Vinetta Gladiator Treasury - 3 pcs. Sinister Adventure buff 3 place:
    Vinetta Gladiator Treasury - 2 pcs. Sinister Adventure buff 4-10 places:
    Vinetta Gladiator Treasury - 1 pc. Sinister Adventure buff  Sinister Adventure buff that allows the character to visit the selected dungeons in the Horror Circus for free.
    And those who are not in the top ten places, waiting for the complementary prize - Vinetta Gladiator Jewelry Box.

    The reward will be received by every member of the guild, of character level 10 or more, if they were present on the territory of event completion for at least 30 seconds by the time of its successful completion. 
    Vinetta Gladiator Treasury hides:
    Enhanced Steal Health book; Buffon costume; event relic Terrible Relic of Control; unique empowering relics; seeker’s stamina elixirs; holiday minions; great elixirs of a gladiator, unity and experience; mystic potions and dark manuscripts; tickets to an attractions; precious ingots; unity signs. And Vinetta Gladiator Jewelry Box can contains:
    Buffon costume; event relic Terrible Relic of Control; unique empowering relics; seeker’s stamina elixirs; holiday minions; lesser elixirs of a gladiator, unity and experience; mystic potions and dark manuscripts; tickets to an attractions; precious ingots; unity signs. Restart time: 2 times a week on schedule. In the “Events” menu you can always check the time of the nearest tourney battle. 
    Guild event in the open world “Mannequin Tent”
    Defeat the best actors from the Puppeteer's troupe! Hurry down to the catacombs, destroy the combat dummies in the allotted time and take incredible treasures!

    All guild members of character level 10 or more who took part in the murder of the boss and were alive in the territory of the event at the time of his death, will be awarded with the Mannequin Treasury, 100 units of Knowledge and Critical Approach buff that increases the power of the critical damage and critical healing of a character by 5%. (max. 2 buffs - 10%).
    In the Mannequin Treasury warriors can find:
    book “Secret Power of Vampirism”; event relic “Terrible Relic of Control”; unique empowering relics; seeker's stamina elixirs; unity signs; tickets to an attractions; holiday minions; great elixirs of a gladiator, unity and experience; mystic potions and dark manuscripts; precious ingots. Conditions of activation: collect 5000 Guild Points.
    Event restart time: 12 hours after the event ends.
    In addition, you can “rip off the masks” from the mannequins outside the event, because dangerous bosses are always ready to take on the battle! 
    Scary Mannequin (16 level):
    unique armor (head, body, hands and legs) of level 14 and 16 with Steal health bonus
    Creepy Mannequin (20 level):
    unique armor (head, body, hands and legs) of level 18 and 20 with Steal health bonus
    Terrifying Mannequin (24 level):
    unique armor (head, body, hands and legs) of level 22 and 24 with Steal health bonus
    Frightening Mannequin (28 level):
    unique armor (head, body, hands and legs) of level 26 and 28 with Steal health bonus
    Forsaken Mannequin (32 level): 
    unique armor (head, body, hands and legs) of level 30 and 32 with Steal health bonus
    As well as:
    small defensive and offensive relics; tickets to an attractions; signs of unity; holiday minions; catalysts, essences and ыubstances; spheres of damage and defense enhancement; precious ingots.  Drop of rewards from bosses: boss level (and lower). 
    Raid boss Puppeteer
    The theatrical master Puppeteer tried so hard to lure the defenders of Arinar into his traps that he got stuck in his own web of intrigues! Get to the island where his island looms, as soon as possible, get through the set traps and crush the villain! Just don't forget that the Puppeteer's obedient creations will come to his aid in this final battle too!

    The rewards for killing a dangerous raid boss are as amazing as his power! A random player in the group that kills a raid boss will receive one of the 32 level items of equipment (head, body, arms and legs) of a unique rarity class with the Steal health bonus.
    As well, any member of a group that killed the raid boss, can receive:
    incredible costumes Puppeteer and Orlandina; book Improved Stunning; holiday minions; unique empowering relics; unity signs; catalysts, essences and substances; spheres of damage and defence enhancement; precious ingots.  
    Don't forget that the Puppeteer has existed in the world he created for so long that he can revive again and again, every 6 hours! You can always find out about the revival of the boss from the in-game chat.
    Survival Games “Mystery of the Long Nights”
    Arinar has never seen such a colossal battle! The best of the best will compete in survival games for the honor of their theater troupe in front of thousands of spectators! Participants and fans alike should understand the rules for this new event.

    The right to enter the battlefield will be awarded to representatives of the three strongest guilds from each troupe, who took first, second and third places according to the results of the weekly qualifying tournament. Each of these guilds must choose an assault group of 5 people (Guild Commander and 4 strongest players). Please note that the assault team must be in the same theater troupe! And besides, only those players who have contributed (at least 1 point) to the victory of the guild in the qualifying tournament can participate in the event. 
    Thus, 90 participants will have access to the battlefield - a small island surrounded on all sides by canals, and all the rest will take spectators' seats. A small hint to the fans: although the access to the event territory will open for you only at the beginning of the battles, do not waste time and actively move through the channels in search of the best view, or even get into a small lake in the very center of the battlefield! 
    Chosen fighters need to unite in a group and gather near the Guild Commander. An important clarification: members of the assault teams will be able to enter the event territory only after their Commanders. Pay respect to your battle commander and you will find yourself in the lobby area, where you will have 30 minutes to prepare for battle! Think carefully about the tactics of the battle, because the skills of reviving characters and minions at this event are not available, same goes for the active skills of the guild.
    Remember the rules of these spectacular games? The teams battle each other for several rounds lasting 5 minutes each. After each round, teams have 30 seconds to prepare for the next bout. A round can end ahead of schedule if there are still alive players in one team, and the rest of the teams have neither the respawns nor live players on the battlefield.
    Make sure that all 15 team members from your theater troupe arrive at the event, because for each deserter the team will lose 2 respawns. And if a team member leaves the game during the event, then their character will remain on the battlefield and become an easy target for opponents. Do not let your team down, fight to the bitter end!
    So who will get the richest awards from the people of Vinetta? All players who have scored tournament points in the weekly guild qualifier and are members of a guild that took part in survival games at the time of receiving the award will receive a main prize or incentive reward:
    Main prize (awarded to the player in the event of their guild winning in the games):
    Melpomene’s Chest - 50 pcs. Knowledge points - 4000 units. Incentive prize (awarded to every other participant):
    Melpomene’s Chest - 15 pcs. Knowledge points - 1000 units. In addition, all players from the same troupe as the participating teams will receive an incredible troupe reward: 
    Main prize (awarded to the participants of the troupe winning the games):
    Help of a group of crossbowmen skill - what could be better than a fearless combat assistant, ready to defend you anytime, anywhere? Only three excellent crossbowmen! The skill is issued for 6 days as a reward for the final PvP event and works only at the Horror Circus. Incentive prize (awarded to participants of all other troupes):
    Crossbowman's help skill - puppets make excellent warriors - wooden crossbowmen help on the battlefield and do not feel fear even when fighting an entire army! The skill is issued for 6 days as a reward for the final PvP event and works only at the Horror Circus.  Restart time: 1 time a week on schedule, from the date of the first event 07.11.
    The exciting attractions of the Horror Circus are available for characters of all levels! Spending time there is not only terribly fun, but also incredibly useful, because earned Good Luck Tokens you can exchange for bright costumes, unique decorative skins and useful items at the Souvenir Merchant!

    The 4th Season of activities “Benefit of Horror”
    Immediately after the release of the update, a new Season of Activities starts in the game! Complete daily and weekly missions throughout Arinar, earn Season Points and get cool rewards! 
    The 4th Season of activities “Benefit of Horror” will last from November 01 at 00:00 CEST to December 06 00:00 CEST. Do not forget to visit the Activity Center often, located in the Quick Access Menu, where you can find out about new tasks and track your progress! 
    Incredibly generous rewards await you this season - useful buffs and minions, collectible emoticons and awesome costumes, and tons of other nice gifts! Battle Pass holders will receive even more valuable rewards and pleasant surprises with an additional reward slot! 
    Also do not forget about the new benefits of the Battle Pass:
    additional slots for daily and weekly missions; access to personal and guild warehouse; freely change hairstyles at the Personal Barber.  
    Costume Merchants
    Bring from the Horror Circus not only a collectible souvenir, but also an original costume! To do this, check out the Costume Merchant to exchange the earned Crimson Corundums for the rarest costumes or the “Blood Brotherhood Chest”, where you can find:
    book Power of the Blood; costumes Forsaken Mannequin and Grenadier; costumes of the musicians of the Afterlife Quintet: Twangy Jose, Ernesto Trumpeter, Garcia Paganino, Thundering Alvaro and Federico Mercurio; unity signs; bloody scrolls; holiday minions; mysterious potions. Book Power of the Blood increases the Steal health parameter of a hero and your party members who are standing on a location with a character, by 10% when common health of a party is decreased to 50% of the maximum.
    During the Median Night celebration, skilled craftsmen will be able to create event accessories of a unique class of rarity with the Steal health bonus and percentage bonuses of physical or magical power! In addition, the number of available rare craft missions to craft items Rings, Amulets and Cloaks increased to three! Hurry up and fill your bag with a valuable accessory!
    During the celebration of the Median night, you can receive 12 new unique achievements. Completing them all will award you with collectible Downcast Actor and Laughing Actor smileys. Do not forget about the Legendary achievements, of which there will be as many as 4: one individual and three guild achievements. 
    Exclusive items in the Miracle Shop
    Marionette Island Cache
    51 unique costumes!
    Merciless Executor Comedian Prima Button Pumpkinhead Jack Sorceress Wedgehead Harvester Wedgehead Executioner Vampire's Black Vestment Vampiress's Black Vestment Vampiress's Scarlet Vestment Rotting Zombie Costume Venomous Zombie Costume Circus Scarecrow Costume Garden Scarecrow Costume Killer Clown Costume Nailhead Tattooed Prisoner Underworld Executioner Red Death Enraged Queen Masked Maniac Servant of the Full Moon Red Mask Blood Knight Undertaker Maniac Puppet Killer Bride King of Night Damned Corsair Mad Chamberlain Knight of Dark Tower Faceless Assassin Bastet Mummy Black Widow Baroness of the Eclipse Gendarme Gremlin Scarlet Plague Assassin of the League of Blood Magic Elemental Immortal Seer Princess of the Night  Twilight Ball Princess Flamy Demon Fierce Fire Faceless Executioner Nightmare Eclipse Envoy Diabolik Red Priestess Duchess of Darkness 46 decorative skins!
    Bloody set:
    Mace of Bloody Reaping Staff of Bloody Reaping Rondel of Bloody Reaping Chopper of Bloody Reaping Longsword of Bloody Reaping Partisan of Bloody Reaping Stick of Bloody Reaping Bow of Bloody Reaping Crossbow of Bloody Reaping Shield of Bloody Reaping Bone set:
    Bone Cutter Ridge Cane Bone Shiv Voodoo Cleaver Skull Crusher Spinal Chopper Spinebone Stave Cannibal's Bow Crimson Bonethrower Costal Shield Sorcerous set:
    Poleaxe of Ruined Souls Scepter of Ruined Souls Crossbow of Ruined Souls Magic Shield of Ruined Souls Saber of Ruined Souls Falchion of Ruined Souls Flamberge of Ruined Souls Morgenstern of Ruined Souls Staff of Ruined Souls Baton of Ruined Souls Bow of Ruined Souls Bombard of Ruined Souls Shield of Ruined Souls Vampire’s set:
    Dagger of the Superior Vampire Scepter of the Superior Vampire Staff of the Superior Vampire Crossbow of the Superior Vampire Enchanted Shield of the Superior Vampire Falchion of the Superior Vampire Cleaver of the Superior Vampire Flamberge of the Superior Vampire Halberd of the Superior Vampire Baton of the Superior Vampire Bow of the Superior Vampire Arbalest of the Superior Vampire Shield of the Superior Vampire Exclusive relics:
    Terrible Relic of Apathy Terrible Relic of Blood-devourer Terrible Relic of Life Weakness Terrible Relic of Vampirism Terrible Relic of Secret Theft Terrible Relic of Deadly Infection Terrible Relic of Steal Health  Terrible Relic of Stun  Terrible Relic of Sickness  
    Terrible Relic of Apathy has a 15% chance to apply Apathy debuff to an enemy for 6 sec. Apathy reduces the effectiveness of the enemy's healing from skills and the "Health Steal" bonus to zero.
    Rarest runes and crystals:
    Vampirism Rune Crystal of Stun Holiday minions:
    Summon Lycanthrope's Ghost Summon Pumpkin Guard Summon Young Witch Greatest elixirs:
    Gladiator's Great Elixir Great Elixir of Unity Great Elixir of Experience  also you can find the most powerful potions and precious ingots!
    Legendary Chest of the Prince of the Night
    Phantom Tragica  Imprisoned Ifrit Rider of the Apocalypse Nameless King Little Bat Charro's Ghost Porter of the Underground Kingdom Torturer of Souls Blue Velvet Flirtatious Witch Midnight Stalker Mocker Sweetheart Kitty Decorative skins:
    Night Veil’s set:
    Dagger of Night Veil Gladius of Night Veil Hatchet of Night Veil Club of Night Veil Poleaxe of Night Veil Scimitar of Night Veil Morgenstern of Night Veil Recade of Night Veil Stave of Night Veil Baton of Night Veil Bow of Night Veil Arbalest of Night Veil Crossbow of Night Veil Shield of Night Veil Enchanted Shield of Night Veil Winged Bloodsucker’s set:
    Staff of the Winged Bloodsucker Crossbow of the Winged Bloodsucker Falchion of the Winged Bloodsucker Cleaver of the Winged Bloodsucker Mace of the Winged Bloodsucker Flamberge of the Winged Bloodsucker Halberd of the Winged Bloodsucker Baton of the Winged Bloodsucker Scepter of the Winged Bloodsucker Bow of the Winged Bloodsucker Arbalest of the Winged Bloodsucker Shield of the Winged Bloodsucker  Next items will be available in the Miracle Shop only during the holiday:
    Summon Voodoo Doll holiday minion 
    instantly restores 20% of the character's maximum health (active skill); resurrects a character in place (active skill); deals instant physical damage to the enemy, and also if the enemy's health is less than 60% of the maximum, additionally deals periodic damage (active skill); increases the parameter "Theft of health" from the character by 15% for the entire life of the minion (passive skill).  
    Collections of smileys
    Zomboteam Red Hot Jalapeño Peppers Bats Skull Crafty Pumpkins Terrible Clowns Barber’s sets:
    Set of the Devil's Barber  Evil Barber's Set  Demon Barber's Set  Accessory set for beginners
    Vampire's Set of Accessory - unique set of accessories with Magical defence, Health increase and Steal health bonuses.  
    Each character, regardless of level, upon first entering the game will receive a Seeker's Stamina Elixir, Minion Cache and 10 Life Scrolls as a gift! Let these valuable gifts be of good help on your adventures!
    Additional changes
    added automatically replacing the skill icon when learning the corresponding key talent; changing the character's hairstyle is now carried out for gold instead of Miracle coins without purchasing a Battle Pass; fixed a bug due to which the animations of some costumes were displayed incorrectly; fixed a bug due to which the summoned monster with the "Help of Chaos" skill did not disappear after the expiration of the duration; adjusted the rewards of the Battle for the Territories: now Alliances will receive a reward solely for the number of occupied territories. During a tie, the rewards will not decrease; added new section “Effects” in the menu of the parameters of the hero; 
    added set up the display of impacts;
    the problem with sound playback and game freezes on Xiaomi devices (POCO X3 Pro, Redmi Note 10 and others) has been solved.
    That’s it, we’ll see you at the Horror Circus!
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    REAPER got a reaction from Higgings in [2021.10.27] Game servers restart. Welcome the Horror Circus!   
    Not true... DK's are great tanks! You can store water and fishes in em!
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    REAPER reacted to Vlawot in [2021.10.27] Game servers restart. Welcome the Horror Circus!   
    Creating coming soon new guild icon ?

  12. Haha
  13. Speechless
  14. Cool Story
    REAPER reacted to LeeLoo in [2021.10.22] Update Warspear Online 10.1: Mystery of Vinetta. Preview   
    Dear friends!
    The Median night, the most long-awaited, mysterious and bright holiday in Arinar, is getting closer every day! This year celebration will take place on Vinetta, well known for its wetlands, canals and the annual competition of theatrical troupes - The Mystery of the Long Nights. So, your applause - the curtain is opening!
    Town Square
    (A smartly dressed entertainer enters the stage)
    Entertainer: Honorable audience, signori and signorini! Honorable people of Vinetta and guests of our island! Today we glorify the Mystery of the Long Nights! The greatest theater competition is about to begin! Incredible performances await you everywhere: in squares and in alleys, among canals and on bridges, in taverns and pubs! The best theater troupes have been preparing for a long time in order to amaze the respected audience with plays and shows - a delight for the ears, eyes and mind! Hurry to see: incomparable comedians and singers, mimes and acrobats, new harlequins and voltigeurs!
    (The entertainer's speech is briefly interrupted by favorable shouts)
    Entertainer: But that's not all! Please do not ignore Vinetta's exceptional guests! Only during the Long Nights, passing from Pumpkin County - the venerable Sam Hein and his Horror Circus, the one and only! Virtuosity and skill beyond good and evil! Signor Hein seems determined to fight for the title of King of Theaters! Hurry to see - only in...
    (A living puppet enters and hands the Entertainer a note)
    Entertainer: Hmm... Yes, yes, I completely forgot to mention separately another troupe that will take part in the Mystery. Pay a tribute to the amazing Puppeteer and his troupe of living puppets! No wonder they predicted a thunderous victory in the theater competition... as well as every year... Hey, what are you doing? That's not what I meant! I didn't mean to offend Puppeteer!
    (Two hefty puppets grab the Entertainer and lead him off the stage. Screams of discontent are drowned out by the orderly clapping of wooden palms)
    Puppeteer will do anything to win the competition and has already begun to set his traps all over the island! Horror rides, exciting quests, sinister dungeons, world and guild events in the open world and in GvG territory, incredibly entertaining group guild survival event, treacherous bosses and amazing rewards await you!
    Holiday island
    Well, it's time to look around and explore the new holiday island! Many centuries ago, Vinetta was an unremarkable area, but the Great Rift irrevocably changed the appearance of the island - a significant part of the island's territory was flooded, swamps formed in place of forests and arable lands, and city roads were hidden under water. However, the cheerful locals managed to turn this disaster to their advantage. They connected the flooded parts of the island with canals and built graceful bridges that allow them to cross water barriers. The inhabitants of the island can easily navigate the canals, but the heroes of Arinar will have to work hard to master this skill and get to all corners of Vinetta! 

    Weekly qualifying guild tournament "Melpomene's Choice"
    Perhaps the old experienced actors still remember what the theater competition was like before Puppeteer appeared on the island. However, this year the cunning theater master will not be able to hamper the execution of the ancient tradition of Vinetta!
    If you haven't joined a guild yet, it's time to do it, because guilds from level 2 will automatically take part in the guild qualifying tournament among the theatrical troupes of Arinar. In this tournament, each Alliance will be represented by three theatrical troupes.
    Troupe "Piazza" Troupe "Theater of Shadows" Troupe "Red Harlequins" Legion:
    Troupe "Buffa" Troupe "Theater of Silence" Troupe “Lilac Harlequins "Piazza" and “Buffa” troupes tend towards fun, light performances with lots of dance and music. In the Theaters of Silence and Shadows, they learned to play without words at all, reaching the heights of stage expressiveness and sophistication. Finally, the Lilac and Red Harlequins have established themselves as consummate ironists and tricksters whose performances are unique.
    Which theatrical troupe your guild will be in will be determined by the hand of fate - at the start of the tournament, guilds will be randomly distributed into groups within their Alliance. Compete with other guilds in your group on the tournament points you have earned and check the Activity Center from time to time to track your guild's progress!
    Tournament points are awarded for completing tasks, completing dungeons and attractions, as well as for killing a raid boss only in Vinetta's territory:
    Completing tasks (15 points, no limit) Passing of rides (10 points, the limit of points per day is 500) Completing dungeons (30 points, the limit of points per day is 1000) Killing raid boss (60 points, unlimited) The three strongest guilds from each group with the highest score will get the right to participate in the Mystery of the Long Nights, survival games!
    Tournament time and duration: weekly
    EU-Emerald \ SEA-Pearl (Monday 00:00 CEST to Sunday 00:00 CEST) 
    BR-Tourmaline \ US-Sapphire (Monday 10:00 CEST to Sunday 10:00 CEST) 
    Holiday Quests
    The theater begins with... underhand intrigues. What with schemings of competitors Sam Hein fails to show the true skill of the artists of his Circus. Each of you has to find the true culprit of strange and sinister incidents, so be attentive to the collection of evidence and secrets that Signor Polichinelle will tell. You will meet many traps on your way, but even the most experienced puppeteer cannot manipulate the heroes of Arinar!

    In addition to solving the main mystery of the holiday island, you will find many exciting daily tasks: collect theatrical props, rip off the heads of spy-puppets, work over aggressive wooden dolls, fight off attacks from mannequins and mad carpenters! Play the key role in hilarious PvP-scuffles drop into the "Dead Man's Grin" Tavern or by crossing over to the side of the enemy Alliance!
    Oh, what a difficult walk awaits you! The gloomy estate of Orlandina, the beloved of Puppeteer, is fraught with many dangers. You need to clear rooms from the whole pack of Orlandina's puppet servants and fight the owner of the mansion.
    Each of  Puppeteer's creations is a real work of art, but the master put a part of his soul into Orlandina. Unable to resist the beauty of his own creation, Puppeteer, who never loved anyone, was inflamed with passion for Orlandina, and wished to hide her from prying eyes forever. Surrounding the most perfect of his creations with loyal servants and graceful objects, Puppeteer locked Orlandina in a mansion built according to his own design.

    Be careful, because Orlandina, the eternal prisoner of the doll's estate, will try to confuse the uninvited guests! There are so many rooms in the mansion of the beloved theatrical master, that every time you have to go through a new route and face new monsters. Carefully switch the levers in one of the rooms and keep in mind that not all inhabitants in the estate are hostile!
    World event “Shadow Play”
    Well, it looks like you managed to anger Puppeteer! The theatrical master's sophistication and ruthlessness know no bounds, and his servants are strong and cruel. Frustrate insidious plans of the Puppeteer's henchmen and help Sam Hein defeat the most dangerous servants of the theatrical master! 
    The first stage “Light and Shadow”
    Theaters of Silence and Shadows are rightfully considered the most mysterious troupes on the island. No one knows what they are preparing for the upcoming competition. Puppeteer considered that such a strong competitor should be eliminated, and sent his supporters to these theaters - the Shadow Maestro brothers. The brothers decided to remove the heads of the theaters and take their place. then remove the troupes of Silence and Shadows from participating in the competition. The appearance of these villains is accompanied by attacks on the townspeople of creatures woven from shadows. They must be sent back to where they came from! Bring the monsters to the light and smite them! 
    The second stage “Stealing the Light”
    Maestro's minions have stolen all the oil from streetlights! Vinetta's lamplighters had already left for the light to shine again. Shadow creatures do not sleep - stop them and help the lamplighters complete their dangerous work! 
    The third stage “Rescuing the Drowning”
    Maestro's henchmen have pushed the townspeople into the сanal! Help them get out of the water and get to the stretcher of the city medical orderlies. However, be careful, the Maestro has scattered mines in the channel, they are extremely dangerous! 

    The fourth stage “Harlequin's Shadow”
    The head of the Harlequin troupe is a well-known good-natured person, but his shadow ... His shadow has absorbed all the worst features of a real theatergoer. The maestros lured shadow to their side, and now it is threatening the inhabitants of the island! 
    The fifth stage “Battle of the Masters”
    Sam Hein hasn't personally entered the battle for a long time, but the Puppeteer's servants managed to make him angry! He decided to get even with the Shadow Maestros! Help the prince of the Median night and fight the shadow creatures. The enemy is insidious, he distributed part of his power to his closest followers - werewolves, try to destroy them as early as possible! 
    The sixth stage “Shadow Maestro”
    Sam Hein failed to win, but Maestro's henchmen were significantly weakened! The maestro is hiding in the shadows - light the fires, gain the power of light and defeat the villain! The Puppeteer's servants will have to compete honestly! 

    Restart time: on schedule
    Tournament guild event on the GvG territory “Carnival of Drachmas”
    The time has come for fierce battles! Boldly leave your camps and fight other players and new PvP-monsters! The path to the main stage is difficult and thorny, and only the strongest guild can go through it to the end! 
    On the most mystical night on Vinetta, it is customary to hold the Carnival of Drachmas. For every inhabitant of the island, this is a chance to prove themselves in battle with the strongest guilds of Arinar. Vinetta's most renowned warriors will await the heroes at the Center Stage of the Four Channels. However, the right to get on stage still needs to be earned! Collect drachma coins by overcoming defenders and taking coins from rivals from other guilds. Everyone who collects the required amount will receive a ticket for the crossing, where they will face even more dangerous opponents. Then the severe gondoliers will require you to prove yourself once again, and after that they will let you enter the stage. Only the guild that crushed Vinetta's greatest warriors will receive the highest reward!

    The main task of your guild is to score as many points as possible, dealing with monsters, as well as other players. Just keep in mind that the combat zone is divided into three parts by water barriers. When you leave the camp, you will immediately be taken to the first zone, where you will have the opportunity to prove yourself in battle!
    A gondolier will help you get into the next battle zones, but think over your tactics well, because you can only return back in case of death! With each crossing, the battlefield becomes smaller, the monsters are more dangerous, and the enemies are more sophisticated. And the gondoliers do not work for nothing... 
    For every kill of a monster, your character will receive one coin. Five ringing coins will be replaced with a special “One Way Ticket”. After getting your ticket, hurry to the gondolier that will ferry you across the river. The crossing to the third zone will cost 10 coins, moreover there you will meet elite monsters with a very fast spawn time. Battle with monsters and other players and try to stay alive as long as possible in the central zone  to earn valuable points!
    Absolutely all monsters in the GvG territory will have a new PvP-status: they will take into consideration PvP-characteristics of a player! Killing this kind of a monster - normal, strong and elite - will bring your guild from 10 to 100 points, and their respawn time will be from 15 to 45 seconds.
    Be extremely careful, because in the PvP territory killing another player not only brings 10 points, but also gives the winner the opportunity to take away the earned coins. Only the strongest will survive!
    Restart time: on schedule
    Guild event in the open world “Mannequin Tent”
    It seems that Puppeteer is still confident in his power and even continues rehearsals of his theater! Step in now and destroy the theatrical master's creepy creations!
    Puppeteer will need actors to win. He gathered a troupe of his most successful creations and sent them to rehearse in the Mask Den. The actors from Mannequin Tent tirelessly prepare for the competition and perfect their fighting skills! They must be stopped in order to deprive the Puppeteer of any hope of victory!
    Conditions of activation: gather 5,000 Guild points.
    Restart time: 12 hours after the event ends.

    Scary Mannequin
    Scary Mannequin used to be a dancer and no one could repeat the sword dance. Now there is no trace of the ease of his dance, but his sabers are still perfectly sharpened.
    Creepy Mannequin
    One day Creepy Mannequin was a skilled blacksmith who was ashamed of his ugliness. Now a way for his accumulated anger has been found - under the blow of a hammer heads burst like ripe pumpkins!
    Terrifying Mannequin
    Terrifying Mannequin was well-known as an alchemist who for many years sought the secret of eternal life. Desperate, he would his body to the Puppeteer troupe...
    Frightening Mannequin
    Frightening Mannequin was a poacher. In the forest he was ambushed by Puppeteer like a wild beast, and now his disfigured face is forever hidden under the mask of a lion.
    Forsaken Mannequin
    Many years ago Forsaken Mannequin was Vinetta's best artist - he changed roles like gloves. They said that three personalities coexist in it at once. Is that why Puppeteer put a three-faced mask on the head of his creation?
    Hurry down to the dungeons, where you will find the best actors of Puppeteer on four levels! Just remember: the deeper you descend into the catacombs, the more dangers await you. In addition to meeting grim monsters, you run the risk of running into threatening traps that can not only scare, but also cripple! In addition, you can “rip off the masks” from the mannequins outside the event, because dangerous bosses are always ready to take on the battle! 
    What a Horror Circus without fun rides! This year, Sam Hein has some special entertainment for you, and this is not some trivial roller coaster! Transform into sinister monsters with a set of unique skills and destroy dolls on your own battlefield, amuse yourself with monstrous cooking, build your own attacking fortresses! Chilling experiences and an incredible amount of tokens guaranteed! Have fun all out, and exchange the Good Luck Tokens for excellent prizes!
    Nightmare Hunters (solo, for all levels)
    The Horror Circus has always been a haven for a variety of creepy creatures from all worlds. Everyone here can tickle their nerves looking at the collection of Sam Hein, and the most daring can try on the role of one of the hunters and take part in the events of their past! Crush everyone wholesale, chase the fugitives and finish off! For each sacrifice the showman will generously donate tokens!

    Nobody leaves hungry (solo, for all levels)
    Cooking food for the whole crowd of Horror Circus visitors is not an easy task. However, Sam Hein has managed to turn it into an exciting pastime and promises a generous reward for the luckiest chefs. Carry the ingredients into the pots, but beware of the Subterranean Soupeater! This cunning villain made his way into the kitchen to feast on something delicious. Hurry up, each  correct ingredient and each ready meal will earn you Tokens! 

    Tower Rush (solo and group, for all levels)
    Sam Hein always chooses the most dangerous corners of Arinar for the Horror Circus. That is why it is so important to take care of protection in good time. Sam Hein promised to reward the best tower builders and defenders of the Horror Circus with Good Luck Tokens. Skillfully combine different types of towers to achieve the best effect and kill as many monsters as possible - showmen pay for the head of each villain!

    Raid Boss Puppeteer
    Puppeteer - the self-confident and vain owner of the theater of living puppets has been called the King of Theaters for many years. Sam Hein's decision to take part in a theater competition hurt the pride of the puppet master. Gathering all his henchmen and obedient servants, Puppeteer ordered them to eliminate competitors, and he locked himself in his mansion. 
    The old people say that the Puppeteer's mansion grew up in the middle of a swampy forest many years ago and literally overnight. The mysterious maestro settled in such a strange place in order to have plenty of wood for his craft, but no one saw that the woodcutters cut wood there. However, the incredible splendor of the performances that Puppeteer soon began to arrange did not leave the audience in doubt - the owner of the mansion found a way to make more and more new dolls. A troupe of puppets, seemingly alive, immediately joined the theater competition during the Mystery of Long Nights, bringing the honorary title of King of Theaters to Puppeteer over and over again... to this day. 

    Be careful looking for the main villain in the labyrinths of his mansion, because his puppet world is full of real traps, ambushes and aggressive monsters that reliably guard the peace of their master. From the outside it seems as if the old theater master is peacefully dozing off in his chair, but do not be fooled by his imaginary calmness! Puppeteer is very cunning, and everywhere he placed his own copies, however, much less dangerous than the maestro himself. 
    Did you manage to find Puppeteer after all? Feel free to join the battle, but keep in mind that cornered theatrical master will summon many dangerous monsters to help. Try to deal with the Puppeteer's creations as soon as possible, because from their movements the earth is literally saturated with poison! Puppeteer is not going to give his life cheaply, and when weakened, he will restore his health due to your attacks. However, remember that even an experienced puppeteer can be turned into a rag doll, so prepare your weapons for battle! 
    Survival games "Mystery of the Long Nights"
    Here comes the turning-point of the Median Night! First in a long time, the title of the King of Theaters will be earned on the battlefield by the most worthy theatrical troupe! Absolutely all residents of Arinar will be able to witness the historic survival games, so don't miss this showy event!
    The Mystery of Long the Nights is an ancient tradition of Vinetta. The award for the title of King of Theaters is so great that every self-respecting theater considers it its duty to take part in the competition. All of Vinetta's theatrical troupes spent a long time preparing the props, improving their skills and rehearsing the best numbers in order to compete for this prestigious title at the appointed hour. Participating teams from the strongest guilds from each theater will battle each other on the Theater Atoll. So who will be the King of Theaters? 

    Next, you have to understand the rules, because never before has Arinar met such sophisticated challenges! Based on the results of the weekly qualifying tournament, the guilds that take the first, second and third places will receive the right to fight for survival as part of their team. In total, 6 teams will converge on the battlefield, one from each theatrical troupe. Teams will consist of 15 members, so each guild must choose an assault group of 5 people (Guild Commander and 4 strongest players). 
    Half an hour before the start of the games, the commanders and assault group will have the right to access the waiting area, and all other players will get into the spectator seats only at the beginning of the battles. Fans will be able to move freely around the battlefield and support their favorites with loud applause and mottos! 
    The teams will have to fight against each other in a small area for several rounds lasting 5 minutes each. The main goal of the survival games is to kill the players of other teams and remain the last survivors, or survive until the end of the round and have more living participants than other surviving teams. 
    Each team in a round will have 10 revivals, which are activated automatically in case of the death of the participants. Try not to waste them, because as soon as all the revivals are over, team members can no longer resurrect in case of death and will enter the battlefield only in the next round. Remember that on the territory of the event, active guild skills for both participants and spectators will be blocked! 
    Winning the round is awarded to the last surviving team. If, after the expiration of time, two or more teams remain on the battlefield, the winner is the team with the largest number of surviving participants and remaining revivals. 
    For the victory in each round, the team receives 1 point, and the theatrical troupe, which earns 3 points the first, is declared the winner of the survival games. The fight is not easy, but you will have time to catch your breath - 30 seconds before the start of each round will allow you to safely prepare for the next fight.
    The winning team will share the triumph with all their comrades, so an incredible reward from the inhabitants of Vinetta awaits all guilds that took part in the qualifying tournament as part of the troupe! 
    Restart time: on schedule
    Holiday skills 
    Only during Median Night will you have access to holiday skills that will allow you to transform into unique monsters or call for help from puppet helpers! 
     Wooden Legionnaire's Help 
    Almost indistinguishable from humans, some puppets have chosen the path of helping the heroes of Arinar! Wooden warriors do not feel pain, but they are able to inflict it. The skill is issued for the entire duration of Median Night and is not used during Arena. 
     Crossbowman's help
    Puppets make excellent warriors - wooden crossbowmen help on the battlefield and do not feel fear even when fighting an entire army! The skill is issued for 6 days as a reward for the final PvP event and is valid only on the Horror Circus. 
     Help of a group of crossbowmen
    What could be better than a fearless combat assistant, ready to defend himself anytime, anywhere? Only three excellent crossbowmen! The skill is issued for 6 days as a reward for the final PvP event and is valid only on the Horror Circus.
     My Personal Fleet
    Allows you to navigate the water channels of Vinetta. The skill is issued for 7 hours as a reward for a world event and is valid only on the Horror Circus. 
     My Personal Epic Fleet
    Allows you to navigate the water channels of Vinette and do it in a unique style. The skill is issued for 7 days as a reward for a guild qualifier and is valid only at the Horror Circus.
    Season 4: Benefit of horror 
    Soon after the release of the update, a new Season of Activities will open for you, which means that your adventures on Vinetta will be even more fun! Check out the Activity Center, complete daily and weekly missions and get valuable prizes.
    Do you want to get special benefits and spend time on the holiday island in exceptional comfort? Then the Battle Pass will come useful, which will open an additional branch of unique rewards, and after completing all levels of the Season - an additional slot with a reward. Earn Season Points and unlock infinite rewards with the Battle Pass! 
    In addition, Battle Pass holders have access to:
    additional slots with daily and weekly missions; access to personal warehouse and guild warehouse from the quick access menu; a pleasant opportunity for a free hairstyle change at your Personal Barber.  Achievements
    In this update, 13 new individual achievements will be available for you, one of which will be Legendary. Challenge yourself on the battlefields and collect the entire holiday collection of feats! In addition, you can prove the strength and power of your alliance by obtaining all 4 Legendary Guild Achievements! 
    New section “Effects”
    In version 10.1 players will have the opportunity to track the impacts. The new section "Effects" can be found in the menu of the parameters of the hero.

    The new section is subdivided into 2 categories: impacts and items. The first includes all buffs received in the game world, such as guild skills, buffs for events and battles for territories, etc. The item section, in turn, will include all the effects received from elixirs, scrolls and food. Effects within each category will be sorted by time of action, and clicking on an effect will open information about the effect.
    Set up the display of impacts 
    In addition, in the settings menu it will be possible to enable or disable the display of influences not only for your character, but also for other heroes! 

    Other changes
    added a separator for gold orders when conducting trade operations and when using warehouses; added priority display of the most important actions in the group widget; the problem with sound playback and game freezes on Xiaomi devices (POCO X3 Pro, Redmi Note 10 and others) has been solved. That's all for now, and detailed information on rewards, gifts and holiday surprises will be available on the day the update is released.
    See you next week on the open testing!
  15. Cool Story
    REAPER reacted to Holmes in [2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News   

    It’s no secret that the “core” of the classes plays an important role during battles. We try to release skill rebalances as often as possible, in order to bring the feeling of novelty and freshness into the game, diversify the players’ builds and support a healthy and dynamic balance of power in both PvP and PvE battles.

    We are well aware how actively you are participating in discussions on the forum and social networks, affirming that such changes in the game are very important to you. So, we are glad  to announce that a massive rebalance will occur this year, in the second half of December, with the traditional winter update.

    Our team attentively watches over the feedback, so if you have ideas about skills and their mechanics, it’s high time to visit the corresponding forum section and create a new topic with your propositions — https://bit.ly/3DIz7rB.

    See you in the game!
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    REAPER reacted to Holmes in [2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News   
  17. Cool Story
    REAPER reacted to LeeLoo in [2021.06.10] Ensure the security of your game account data!   
    Dear players!
    User account security is one of the key priorities in our work. Due to the global failure of social networking services and reports of data leak of personal accounts of Facebook users, as a precaution, we strongly recommend: 
    If you are logged into the game through your Facebook account, immediately change your password and take other steps to ensure the safety of your social network account. To do this, follow the instructions on how to improve the security of access in your Facebook account settings. Remember that your social network account is an important link in protecting your game account.  When registering or changing your password, choose complex combinations that always contain a combination of capital and lowercase letters, as well as numbers. Avoid short passwords, common password combinations, your own name, date of birth, or other easily guessed combinations.  Never give anyone your game account login and password, mailing address and password from it, as well as the data of your accounts on social networks. These actions can lead to the removal of your characters and things by other players, as well as a complete loss of access to your account or blocking it. The rules of the game and the user agreement are strictly prohibited from distributing your data to third parties and attempts to use someone else's account, because the administration will not be able to restore game values that were lost due to violation of the above rules.  Please be careful and attentive.
    Best regards, AIGRIND team
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    REAPER reacted to Holmes in [2021.09.20] Important changes. Game servers restart. New 10.0.2 client version   
    UPD: The servers are running!
    Dear players!
    Please note that tomorrow, 2021/09/21, at 10:00 CEST, the game servers will be restarted. Following the reboot, the following changes will be made:
    adjusted cooldown time for guild events in the open world “Filth’s Dungeons”, “Lords of the Depths”, “Grove of Black Elm”, “Rusty Wastelands”. The cooldown time is now 16 hours; adjusted cooldown time for guild events in the open world “Music of Magic” and “Wild Hunt”. The cooldown time is now 12 hours; changed the maximum amount of effects of the underwater talent “Long-Lasting Defense” from 25 to 10, and the time of accumulation was changed from 5 to 10 seconds. Now the effect will add 250 points of physical and magical protection for each accumulated effect. The final bonus has not changed, and stacks will grow faster;  сhanged the maximum amount of effects of the underwater talent “Long Standoff” from 25 to 10, and the time of accumulation is changed from 5 to 10 seconds. Now the effect will add 1,5% of physical and magical power for each accumulated effect. The final bonus has not changed, and stacks will grow faster; added the current amount of Knowledge and reputation with Mermen of the Depths to the talent menu; now when the servers are rebooted, the limit of executing dynamic quests will not be reset; fixed a bug due to which “Resistance of Underwater” bonus in items of equipment worked incorrectly; fixed a bug due to which textures in some costumes disappeared, when the character moved; fixed a visual bug due to which buff of the castle in the 5th sector of Ayvondil increased the amount of reputation with Mermen of the Depths in Daily rewards; fixed a bug due to which Knowledge was not displayed in the description of tasks if the player got daily limit of it; fixed a bug due to which the free space in bag was calculated incorrectly when using 1 item in 2 sets of equipment at the same time;  fixed a bug due to which relics with the condition dodges/parries/blocks the attack using the skill was not worked in Barbarian “Charge” skill. The game will be unavailable for approximately 30 minutes.
    Please note, that the main list of changes will be available only in the new 10.0.2 client version, so don’t forget to update! We kindly remind you that the new client version may be released for the different platforms with the delay. 
    Also, do not forget that used elixirs and minions will be paused, and the seeker's stamina will be returned if the player is in the dungeon at the time of the restart.
    We ask you not to plan anything important during this period and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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    REAPER reacted to Jcbreff in [2021.09.13] Game servers restart   
    this is russian game anyway so males arent tallowed to be females
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    REAPER reacted to Sai Chandra in Ayvondil T5 Guide   
    Ayvondil T5 Guide

    Before going to the contents, lets break some myths and get answers for some FAQs
    Q. Why do you need this guide?
    A. Many people don’t know the secrets, ambushes and treasures hidden in the latest update of Ayvondil chapter. This guide is one stop place for players who want to uncover the Pirates and underwater mysteries of Ayvondil T5.
    Q. Is Ayvondil T5 profitable?
    A. Yes absolutely, One can earn a lot through bars, spheres, craft items just by farming elite monsters which are available in abundance underwater. The mini bosses in the T5 ayvondil map can be farmed for better loot.
    Q. Do you need to buy a lot of oxygen tanks to quest underwater?
    A. You may need to buy a few oxygen tanks in the starting phase of getting used to the new town but later on you wont need to buy as the quests give you enough oxygen vials as reward which never finish. A great way to limit oxygen consumption underwater is using some special potions(available from ship graveyard chests) and scrolls(available from quests).
    I myself never exhausted the oxygen vials which i get from just mermen quests. 
    Q. Is there a difference between underwater and Ship graveyard?
    A. Yes there is difference. Underwater is only applicable to areas submerged in water of T5 sector. While Ship graveyard refers to both underwater and the land areas of T5 sector.
    Q. What is the difference between Pirate reputation and mermen reputation of T5? How to get them?
    A. Pirate Reputation is required to participate in Dungeon "Sea Tramp's Lair" available in the upper half of Ayvondil map. Mermen Reputation is like a currency required to level up talents and also determines player's speed in underwater. Pirate reputation can be achieved through yellow quests, blue quests of T5 and from Guild Event Assault of the Ship. Mermen Reputation can be achieved through blue quests from NPC on Trade Island( exact middle area of T5map) , GvG Invasion of Chaos Event , Guild Event Descent into a Grotto and from Sea Tramp's Lair Dungeon.
    Q. What is the right way to spend mermen reputation for talents?
    A. Efficient way to spend talents is to focus getting 15000 mermen reputation first to get 80% speed in underwater and then start spending extra reputation above 15000 on talents so that you can move at decent speed underwater all the time.
    Q. Do I need to max the present talent to move to next talent?
    A. No, You don’t have max the talent if u don’t want to. However to move to next talent and further requires unlocking the previous talent(making it level 1).
    Q. What are pirate doubloons? What is their use and how to get them?
    A. These are special currency that are available at T5 Ayvondil Sector that is used to buy items from an NPC at T5 town. They are used to buy special gears, weapons and some supplies that are required in smooth underwater adventure. Helmet reduces oxygen consumption, Boots increase the movement speed underwater and the weapons deal a lot more damage (due to fury of depth parameter) to the underwater monsters. The pirate doubloons can be obtained through guild events Assault of the Ship, Descent into a Grotto and Treasure chests in Sunken ships.

    Q. Do the doubloon weapons deal extra damage on land T5 sector monsters like in underwater?
    A. No, the doubloon weapons do not deal extra damage on land monsters. The reason being these weapons deal extra damage strictly to monsters only inside the underwater territory and not on land. For the same reason, they do not deal extra damage on the monsters in the Descent into a Grotto Event where the ads are currently spawning on land areas. 

    Quest- Monsters and Bosses location Guide

    Given Below is a Map of all the monsters and bosses with icons mapped on T5 Ayvondil map. To know what each icons mean, please refer to the legend below.

    Type-1 Monsters
    These are the collecting-quest(Stocking up) monsters which give pirate reputation. These are available on the upper half of map.
    Quest Reward: Chance to obtain Pirate key
    a.      Deepwater redfish  ①ⓐ
    b.      Shining dollarfish ①ⓑ
    c.      Sharp-toothed rattail  ①ⓒ
    Type-2 Monsters
    These are also collecting quests(Twilight Flith) monsters which give mermen reputation. These are available on the lower half of map.
    Quest Reward: Chance to obtain Pirate key
    a.      Snouty Snatchers   ②ⓐ
    b.      Beam-eyed Anglerfish  ②ⓑ
    c.      Clawcutter   ②ⓒ
    d.      Needletooth Drowner  ②ⓓ
    Type-3 Monsters
    These are minibosses with around 18k hp located on the bottom of map of Sea-Witch minion quests.
    Quest Reward: Chance to obtain Pirate key
    a.      Shaman of Depths  ③ⓐ
    b.      Sea Devil ③ⓑ
    c.      Bloody Priest  ③ⓒ
    d.      Nightmare Anglerfish  ③ⓓ
    e.      Relic Lobster  ③ⓔ
    Type-4 Monsters
    These are bosses located in the mid area of ayvondil T5 area. 
    a.      Larry Skull ④ⓐ
    b.      Dany Hook ④ⓑ
    c.      Drowned Admiral ④ⓒ
    d.      Old Inker ④ⓓ
    e.      Levadis Bloody ④ⓔ
    Raid Boss- Captain Giant Octopus  Ⓡ①
    Conditions to activate: 30 players required to stand on the plate before the boss. 

    Raid Boss- Orcinus Ⓡ②
    Conditions to activate :  Clear all the ads/mobs in the spawn point of Orcinus given on the map. 

    Guide of Symphony of Twilight Depth Quest:
    There are usually 4 ways in which this quest is given. The paths to follow( ①> ②> ③> ④> ⑤) to complete the quest in each pattern are given below:
    1. North to South:
    2. South to North: 

    3. Clockwise:

    4. Anticlockwise

    Sunken Ship Locations :

    These are the locations which contain sunken ships with treasure. However, the treasure chests inside the sunken ships require special pirate key to open them. These keys are available from T5 Ayvondil dungeons, some quests of T5, Ship graveyard chests from mcoin shop.

    The below map shows all the locations of sunken ship in the Ayvondil T5 territory.

    Guild Events :
    1. Assault Event: This Event is doable if you have atleast 20 players who have average of +8 gears and weapons. 25-30 people are recommended with average of +9 gears with T5 talents. This Event requires clearing the every ad in the area to proceed to the next level and defeat the last boss on stage 4 within the time limit.

    2. Grotto Event: This Event requires atleast 25 players with a tank to carry the torch and atleast 4-5 mages and 2-3 rangers to participate. The goal of the event is to carry the torch to the end of each stage and burn the vines on last area to enter the next level. The torch carrier has the job to carry the torch all the time while other members must protect the torch carrier from the ads that come to him.

    Guild vs Guild Events :

    1. Invasion of Chaos Event : The main goal of this event is to clear as many monsters as possible before other guilds, to reach a prize place. For each defeated spawn of chaos you will gain points, depending on the strength of the defeated creature. The points are collected by players and added to the guild total. Scouting of players in the GVG area is necessary to find out your enemies and allies
    2. Mermen Trials Event: The successful completion of this event gives access of 4 hours of Mermen Sanctuary Dungeon at the Doom Island. The guilds which are participating in this event are made into pool. From this pool, each guild is matched with another almost equally skilled guild (if there is any mis-match in the level occurs, the higher-level guild cannot use the skills that are higher than the lower-level guild level thus making it fair fight) and almost equal number of players participating in a guild. This event is similar to arena where group of players are matched with another group of players except that in this event, 1v1 guild vs guild match-up takes place in both stage 1 and stage 2. This event has two stages. Only guilds which win in the stage 1 are eligible to participate in the stage 2 of the event.

    Reminder: The active guild skills are reset at stage beginning thus giving full use of guild skills at each stage.

    Details of each event are given below:
    Stage 1 : Symbol of Celebration: The main objective of this stage is to capture the crown/regalia which is placed in one of the three mid-areas of the stage before the rival guild and bring back the crown at the spot provided for placement of crown near the spawn base. The points are majorly counted based on the captures of the crown, placement of crown at spawn base and the player kills of rival guilds. Some important tips/tricks to perform better in this stage are given below:
    a.      Players should level up as many underwater talents as possible by keeping in mind that they should always try to stay above 15k repu for decent movement speed in underwater. Keeping player repu at max 35k repu gives the full extent of movement speed possible through mermen repu.    
    b.     Players should get doubloon gears(movement speed boots), movement speed foods from the T5 NPC who provides items for doubloons and movement speed scrolls from ship graveyard chests from mcoin shop.           
    c.      Players can get the rare non-class expert skill book Might of Depth for extra movement speed underwater.
    d.     Players should use oxygen vial/tank before stage begins to get extra speed from the talent Swimming Technique.
    e.      Caution! This trick is should be used with lot of practice and ingenuity. Before the stage 1 begins, player can try to keep the oxygen level at minimum level i.e at 1 bar out of maximum oxygen bar to make full use of two talents which are High-Speed Ascent and Adaptability.
    Stage 2: Proclamation of War: Only the winners of stage 1 are eligible to participate in stage 2. This event is similar to the war in Map 2 i.e., Irselnot war with 3 pylons (instead of flags) and a final guild flag near each spawn base. The points in this stage are counted based on the rival guild pylons destroyed, rival player kills and the destruction of final rival guild flag. Initially, each guild can target any of the three pylons only. The access to attack final flag is achieved when all three pylons of rival guild are destroyed The event can end before the given time if the final flag of rival guild is destroyed.  

    Ship Graveyard- Underwater Talents Information: 
    “Underwater Talents” are split into several types, each of which contains specific abilities. These can be obtained by using mermen reputation as currency .You can improve your character’s performance under water, increase your defensive characteristics and resistance to negative effects, as well as gain a temporary advantage on the battlefield in the form of a passive growth of some characteristics. The talents are in game are shown in 3 columns.
    I have listed down all the talents column-wise and written the reputation required and Effect at each level in the following tables.
    The Reputation required at level up at each level is noted in the table.
    Example: The Calm Swimming Talent requires 1200 mermen reputation from Level 2 to Level 3. Therefore, the total reputation required to max Calm Swimming from Unlocking to Level 4 requires  400+800+1200+1600= 4000 repu.

    1. The effects listed in the tables are not to be taken directly as some talents require certain conditions to be met to get activated.  Example: Punch attack raises penetration% only when the player is in contact with 5 or more monsters. For detailed working of talents, one can go inside game and check the descriptions of each talent.
    2. Each talent unlocking or leveling up requires not only the mermen reputation but also gold. One can easily find out the gold required for leveling a talent by multiplying the reputation required by 2. Example : Calm Swimming talent requires 400 repu to get level 1, therefore necessary gold required is 2x400= 800g.

    3. Some talents work in underwater areas only and some talents work on both on land and underwater areas. How to know? Check the description of talent inside game. 
    a) If the talent description has Ship Graveyard term--it means the talent works in both underwater as well as on land areas of Ayvondil T5. 
    b) If the talent description has Underwater territory term--it means the talent works only in the underwater areas of Ayvondil T5. 
    Dangers to watch out while roaming inside underwater.
    1. Hydrophobia: This debuff is exclusively seen in the underwater territory. This is debuff applied by some underwater monsters, which blinds the player for a period of time and the player cannot use skills during the debuff.
    2. Red Shark Aggression to Bleeding: There is a fish called Red Shark which dwells in almost all the areas of underwater and it is highly sensitive to bleeding. It will get aggroed from even far distance if the player is under bleeding debuff(which are usually applied by some other fishes). The Red Shark deals one hit of high dmg under bleeding coupled with stunning and eventually causes hydrophobia to put the players in difficult situations.

    3. Fish Knight: This fish dwells in the lower half of ayvondil Sector. By any means, the player shouldn’t use control skills. If you use control skills on Fish Knight, it aggroes almost all the monsters in the area to you causing disaster. Player can defeat the fish by using auto-attacks to avoid aggression of other fishes in area.
    4. Eel Fish: This fish is not dangerous if you are alone in the underwater. But you must take precaution if your party member is in contact with this fish in the area. If you were to approach this fish near your party member, it will stun u infinitely and ultimately put you in stun cycle which might never end till the player is defeated. 
    5. Underwater Ambushes: This type of ambushes is slightly different from the bait quest from T4 sector. These are activated only if the player who has quest approaches the middle of area. They don’t disappear unless the leader monster is defeated. So, always watch out for the ambushes activated by players. 

    6. Jellyfish Dangers: There are 3 kinds of jellyfish that dwell in the underwater territory and each have their special abilities and are nimble. Players need to watch out for them and defeat them as soon as possible if sighted. I will now list down all the 3 kinds of jellyfish below:

     a. Pink Jellyfish-Sea Wasp: This has only 4k hp but it shouldn't be underestimated. It usually exists in same area as Red Shark. It can cause bleeding and hydrophobia debuff. If spotted , it must be defeat immediately or else it causes bleeding and thereby attracting Red Shark to the player.
    b. Green Jellyfish : This jellyfish has around 14k hp(abit tanky) and causes poisoning and hydrophobia debuff. If a player were to defeated by green jellyfish, it creates 3 more copies of itself making it difficult for other players to pass through.

    c. Blue jellyfish Cyanea :  This jellyfish has 10k hp. It can stun and also cause hydrophobia debuff to the player. This jellyfish is nimble and moves away from player if attacked by melee attacks.

    As you have seen lot of dangers lurking in the underwater territory of T5, player is advised to use atleast 2 pcs of resist armor and enchant resist runes on helmet and boots to resist all kinds of debuff and also level up talents to develop resistance against the dangers.

    I hope this guide will show the path for all the players and wish for all the players to master Ayvondil T5 Sector. 

    Map Credits : Warspear Database. Without which I couldn't get a decent map of Ayvondil T5 sector to plot all the required symbols and markers in the map. 

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    REAPER reacted to rafa9876 in A Helping Hand - Warspear Online   
    I didn't have any special ideas so I just wanted to make a short video to talk about the amount of players that ask for help and need to wait for hours sometimes.
    Since the footage was easy to get (I already help people anyway so that is no issue) all I had to do was to properly talk, have a proper script and do some good editing.
    I'm not sure if I did any of them but it's good experience for the next time :) (The timing of the contest was a bit bad for me)
    Emeny - EU-Emerald
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    REAPER reacted to Ogull in [2021.08.16] Game servers restart   
    i can already see raid bosses crying in the corner 
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    REAPER reacted to Jcbreff in Guide to every secret achievement in the game (Jcbreff_Eu-Emerald)   
    In this guide i will tell you what you need to do in order to get every secret and mystery achievement 
    “hero” section
    -destroy an item while amplificating it
    -get critical enchantment from crystal
    death defying
    -die 1000 times
    catalytic reaction
    -get all 4 kinds of catalyst while disassembling items (common,amplified,energy and ethereal)

    chemical alphabet
    -get all 4 kinds of essences from disassembling items (common. composite, energy and ethereal) (i dont have screenshot of single items because nobody was selling them in dealer)

    difficult process
    -get all 4 kinds of substances from disassembling items (common,composite,energy and ethereal)

    “world” section doesn’t have any
    “arena” section
    you were not able, or you did not want to
    -end the fight in draw 
    “society” section
    I’m fed up
    -add a friend to the ignore list
    -stay in one guild for 100 days in a row
    “fun” section
    at a loss
    - you need to sell 100 items under the average market value (in example like this)

    lay low
    -”die from the lack of oxygen at the location with the ascent to the Lonely Island”
    underwater adventure
    -visit all wrecked ship within one game session
    on the quiet
    -”kill a player who opened the pirate chest and take the treasure” 
    Romeo, Juliet and a bottle of rum
    -get to the cook in Albatross harbor (legion)
    -get to the cook in Thunderbird port (sentinels)

    this section also has mystery achievements and you won’t know what is required until you get it done. these include
    enchanted mixture
    -get meaty wings, frogl’s caviar and gnoll’s saliva (norlant swamps) (gnoll's saliva is the green one)

    magic bracelet
    -get thorny burr, a shining stone, and bezoar (irselnorth) (first is sentinel side and 2nd is legion side


    magic talisman
    -get beast’s kidney, stale bun, beast’s joint and honeycomb (ayvondil)

    -kill 5 enemies in one fight in 5x5 arena
    image is everything
    -use 4 different hair colors with one character
    -drink 5 different elixirs
    trip around the world
    -visit all island and zones (spots with respawn statue) during one session, that means without logging off. Both starting maps, irselnorth,ayvondil,norlant swamps and astral labyrinth level 2
    and there are 2 mystery achievements only for legion and 2 only for sentinels
    for legion they are 
    dangerous potion (moraktar)
    -get scarlet blood, cemeterial moss and a bloodshot eye

    deadly artifact (godgorrath)
    -get arrowhead, animal tongue and a hair strand

    and for sentinels
    reliable charm (langasard)
    -get a crispy wing, a hip bone and a hair strand 

    healing mixture (melvendil)
    -get particle of light, satyr’s horn and a stinging leaf

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