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  1. That's what i call great news! small question. IF the hero we restore has its name taken by someone else, do we have to pay coins extra for renaming?
  2. No i think that teleport scroll should stay as it is. Only allow you to travel where you have statue.
  3. im not clayd. im original zigmar. he copy my name
  4. i think in other games there is an option to teleport back to the npc that gave you the quest. maybe this could be added here lets say for 5 miracle coins? and add [Lazy quester scroll] which players can stack up on.
  5. its in the nature of humans to desire what they cant/dont have
  6. i think they said yes. but if no costume you get a big fat nothing
  7. i smell drama i remember a time where snorlax had to delete 5 pages of drama. or was it 6?
  8. Well here we go, good luck to everyone!
  9. The Mc side boss name was Kabal. Here is a very old ss.
  10. Oh come on! Why just why! First you remove heroic tower now you remove six shadows. Whats next when the weaklings still want to go to ayvondil to get rich with a +2 weapon? Allow them to get there without even compleating easy tower?
  11. few more questions: a. will there be new novice sets for the upcoming classes? b. will the new classes get xp pots for a good start? c. will there be a reward for the first x number of players that lvl up to lets say 18?
  12. question question... if as charmer you chose shield and mace and heavy armors, does it mean there are going to be released 1h maces with only magic damage, and heavy armors with magic damage stats?
  13. Charmer im gonna make one right away.. ps. peter, the post, it was excitement.
  14. How about you just buy a data plan? WS works like charm on 4G
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