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  1. Will we get 1 or 2 additional slots on our accounts so we create the new heroes? @Peony
  2. So.. will the 1st map bosses still drop 9lvl equipment now they get nerfed?
  3. um, hello there, druids summon (Elemental Backing) doesn't stop attacking when the enemy is under ice relic of captivity is this a bug or is it supposed to be this way? @Akasha @Peony
  4. cant wait to see how hard it will hit now with full ferocity 1k mdmg druids...
  5. Off topic but why is it that in the last 3 suggestion pages i see everywhere your name? Are you trying to get up your posts count or you hate this game so much you have the need to change it entirely?
  6. The basic idea here is to enable the party leader the use of a scroll that will allow all members to teleport to his location. Info: Casting Time 60 seconds Can be interrupted if the player receives damage Space is bag 10 pieces
  7. We can enter the castle allright, but we wonder what is the building behind this NPC?
  8. um i have a small question!! what lvl will the rewards from the mermain dungeon be? 32?
  9. if i didnt read it here i would have never notice! haha! thanks that was nice
  10. can we have the knowledge of how many Caches of the School of Magic the losers gonna get?
  11. oh nice! Lab exists for so long but there are still many people that dont know the way. Nice of you to take the time for it!1
  12. i loved the information about talents. great work
  13. i made a guide about the spring dungeon. that way everyone will know what to do
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