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  1. These are my suggestion: - First, the "USE" and the "MENU" button are too large... It's uncomfortable for some phone device...(I use Nokia 5530 Xpressmusic - s60v5). - Second, hard communication... It will be great if there are some ways of communication such as friendlist or mailbox... -Third, hard farming (in Godgorrat)... Red Bears are now "priceless" (__ ____!)
  2. Sorry I forgot to tell my character's name... Character name: Hinotama Server: US-Sapphire Race: Human (Mountain Clans)
  3. Hi! I'm a newbie... I got stuck with the Hawg's Fame Quest... I can't kill the Insane Giant...he's too strong!! Please help me!! P/S: Sorry for my bad English... Có ai người Việt thì add nick Y!M: offline_dn hoặc nick ola: hinotama
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