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  1. My record in Doodlie ;D is 111k 8) I think its OK
  2. Rogalik

    Rogall :D

    Hi guys.I'm Pro and Rich, but remember : [/size][move]PvP Range is better than me[/move] [/size]Here is my pic.
  3. On my Samsung i get old font ;D I like this :D
  4. Ale pamiętaj,że Santor niektórych prowadził do zawału :D Hmm...No nie wiem czy się nie obraził na zawsze :)
  5. Add me, me! :D Ranger Rogall - lvl 17 I goin to be cousin :D
  6. Mc'Forsaken: Unda (16 lvl shaman) ;D Jeśli masz tu postać pisz w komentarzu :drinks:
  7. I did it on first day of Christmas update.Just smell a chance, other way its impossible :P
  8. Rogalik


    Nice, but there is topic ,, Screenshot from the game" ;)
  9. Thanks :good: Somebody like my comic :yahoo:
  10. I was waiting with my Pala lvl 9 for dat quest. After 30 Mentor's chest ive got 10pots, and priest lvl 8 :D We did it easy :friends:
  11. Rogalik

    server down

    They sold three servers for a contener of beer. We will have one server - USEUSARU-REPPPHERAD.xD
  12. :facepalm: Nice comments, thanks. :facepalm:
  13. Can you paste here your screenshot of meniru helmets(from meniru guises)? ;D
  14. Hmm, i think support got christmas, but send it to them.AND HIDE YOUR ID !(this number after TAT WCOIN) ::)
  15. Hello :friends: I've got a mini-guide to you. Yellow ! says that there is a quest qiver.Grey ? is information what to do (or something) .Yellow ? is when you done everything needed in quest and you can and it.For you, nice information is ,,When you dont know what's up with quest, or where is it, just go Menu-Quests-Show on Map" .I hope you enjoy this game :) Sorry, but im from EU-Emerald ;)
  16. No support? :search: I'm goin' to scamm all servers :spiteful: ;D
  17. Będziesz latał, ale nie w szmatach, to jest okej potem :dirol: i nie do levelu 99 tylko do 20. :drinks: Miłej gry :spiteful:
  18. Do the weapons skins are only can bought this week? My English :facepalm:
  19. Hello.I think good party for lab is hard to find. :wacko: Here's my suggestion. Why no do weekly(or daily,hm)party for lab? It will be good for everybody, we dont have to spend all day in trade chat -_-. Just one topic.Maybe ,,Monday 5PM (English time) we are meeting at kampriff" If u like this or not, please reply. ;) Another fail proposition.
  20. Huehue ;D PVPRange, there is ranger on EU-server with bow of sudden domm+8, arena bow lvl 15 +9, lab bow +7. :shok: Full +8 Equip !Got concurention? Sooo.... Who's better? :spiteful: [/size]PVPRANGE vs. Chrystall ! :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful: :clapping: [/size] :clapping: :spiteful: :spiteful: :spiteful:
  21. Dziękuje, ale amp mam dobry :D Nawzajem :drinks: !
  22. Read Topic.Please enter price in euros/dollars :D I spent about 10$ and i feel PRO :D
  23. Chainless League reputation- what is giving to me? When I end these quests, can i get better and cheaper items?
  24. Niestety u mnie to nie zadziałało, łuk +4 był +4 ,a kusza +2 została +3 :( Pięcioma Signami :clapping:
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