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  1. Nice ;) Big work is waiting :)
  2. Started to create new acc on US, not on freakin' EU ;D
  3. Kuzmitch's , Snorlax's , Roland's cool big houses ;D
  4. Selling(tradin') +1 Violent Storm Cowl on EU, Elf.[/font] [/color][/size][/font] [/color][/size]PM ROGALL IF U INTERSTED :)[/font]
  5. Maybe some block, hm?I think that rangers can have bow + shield now. Bro this is ranger, he use only 2handed weapons , sorry :mega_shok:
  6. Just got pwned by some rich kids on SA-pearl %)
  7. bro u must try battleheart. ITS THE BEST OFFLINE GAME EVER:D. If u don't have money for it, type in Google :P
  8. Prawdopodobnie jakiś bug serwerów, ale nie wiadomo
  9. No więc taki offtopikowy temat ;) Ja słucham głównie rocka :spiteful: ,zespoły: Green Day, Anathema,Linkin Park :dirol:
  10. Hi, i saw that our Devz :spiteful: did new arena shield for lvl9, but when i enter in trade to arena supplier, there is Item not foud, and no icon, for 893 A.pts. Can you fix that fast, please ;) :clapping:
  11. Ja tam za bardzo do Azebu(a?) nie mam, ale ten nick na forum.... :facepalm: To nie forum o Pokemonach :P pewne forum z koniczynką i czwórką w nazwie ma na mnie taki wpływ Ps. :give_rose: Fire Emblem (GBA) :give_rose: lubię całą serię, każda część ma coś unikatowego, 4 ma ogromne mapy, 7 ma trzy różne historie, 9 to jedna z moich ulubionych za całokształt, 10 ma wysoki poziom trudności, 11 i 12 odświeżają oryginały i mają MU, w 13 jeszcze nie miałem okazji zagrać
  12. My English is so poor, :sorry: so guilds will be at 4.03.13?Or 3.4.4 will? %)
  13. r0land, where is your text in signauture? Snorlax have - Be cool, play nice ;D And you? Think about it :lol:
  14. I think you better make other font,collor too , its not M***craft 8) But already cool :drinks:
  15. Rogalik


    Rogall, ranger on Eu:)
  16. Rogalik


    Hi ;D Goodluck and have fun (without buying m.c) O:-)
  17. Dear moderators, please ,,stick" this topic. I think it can be very useful ;)
  18. Hello. Do you want to go to Astral Labyrinth, but you dont know the way? :sorry: Do you need list of all drops , because you want to get best items? :wacko: Are you new in the game, and dont know where are the bosses on Irselnort? :unknw: [Here is an answer! :yahoo: http://www.warspear.do.am It will redirect you to site.This site is NOT MY!!! If you dont know the russian, googletranslate it ;) Everything is waiting for you! Let's start true adventure with Warspear Online ! :drinks: Good luck and Have fun :drinks: Dear moderators,please ,,stick" this topic. :)
  19. Rogalik

    Arena Palidan

    Just max ,,1" skill , then go FEtter of justice. Best weapon is 2h mace :) Buy arena helmet, it looks cool :drinks:
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