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  1. I used 10 sign from +2 to +7 ;D
  2. I can smell it from here ;D Brb going for kebab *yummy*
  3. What have you done bro? :facepalm:
  4. Rogalik

    Good Bye

    Bye signseller ;D
  5. Rogalik


    Why can we use Dark Fool's Cap on arena :bad: ? Its freakin bad, please fix it fast, thanks.
  6. Rogalik


    I prefer pancakes.
  7. Właśnie questy to klucz tłumaczenia, reszta jest bardzo prosta w stylu 'Bag' 'Quit' itp.
  8. Rogalik


    Maybe HE has stolen his phone ;D
  9. ;D Bought today lucky sign set ;D Amped Arena 1hMace from +0 to +7 with 10 sign :crazy:
  10. I can see clicked '2' skill ;D So sad...
  11. So, history of this bug takes us deep in the past ,about 6 years B.C ... It is really old. Ok. Half times When I'm trying to launch WS it appear as a black screen, I have to wait 10 secs,and suddenly :bomb: pops window where I can send Error report. After sending blank :facepalm: (typing the same 1955919 times is really boring,really) :facepalm: report WS is restarting and now I can play. :drinks: It isnt serious bug, but it is very annoying. /edit/My device : Samsung Galaxy Y ,android 2.3.6
  12. Goodbye, saw you only in forum, but I noticed that many ppl dont like u here (idk the reason) but i do :yahoo: . Can you tell us depeer reason? :sorry:
  13. Rogalik

    Zamienie gold

    EDIT: Cała kaska wymieniona :) Dzieki wszystkim.
  14. Rogalik

    Zamienie gold

    Dziękuję, 22k zostało ;) do wymiany.
  15. Rogalik

    Zamienie gold

    Wymnienię 50k z Mcków na Elfy. Pisać : MasteRogal (mc) , Rogall, Rogell (2x elf :nea: )
  16. So, we have to create another farmers guild and spend another 9802598hours to make it 70k gp, and then spend another 20 Usings, get 3/3 def, 1/3 magical def, another 50k points. Yay, seems easy.
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