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  1. WOOOO!THX BRO!!! Just received the update, the resolution is much higher than before, more importantly, the skills bar do not turn the page! NICE!
  2. why game ui can't be full screen on my iphoneX,but iphone8 or other android phone can full screen? so,will tech team can optimize as soon as possible? thx
  3. welldone,bro I play this profession by learning from your experience. I have gained a lot. Thank you. i have a question:how much accuracy is needed for dk?i mean attack monster no miss?if monster lv28 or higher. i look foraword for ur reply, thinks
  4. ofc, saturation is a good skill, i always use it. but he just lv24,i dont konw hes attributes ,so i suggest he told us hes defence i tkink this game of dk. defence and health is the best attributes for new plays or network is not good plays(like me...Network delay always 200+) After all, not every player has good skills and operations.
  5. as mine experience, u should Improve u phy def to 8000+,then u can survive in lab easy... expert skills steel hurricane 4/4 aura of hatred 4/4 dont ues saturation ,be cus u are not strong enough ...
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