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  1. my honest view of this is : new content is always fun , but i tell you that the game is only lively(at least on eu, and i assume its same on other servers(idk for sea))on events , afterwards the population gets real low especially in lower lvl chars . so i rly suggest you pushing this patch this summer before 2019 events(horror etc) , otherwise it will be dead summer and many ppl will just afk until new event, as many do now.
  2. i guess it will be either snorlar bonewinged event , or that cool event where those bosses are alive ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. build 93535 looks decent go for it.
  4. you need crit enchant for mana regen on both rings and on belt, this way you have 90+ regen which is minium for creating spam cycles(at least in pve when you dont get cced alot), you need to get accuracy on gloves and amulet. much more balanced build and yet you still have 54% cd. anyways stun is %stat , so the perma stun scenario is more on paper than it will be true in real pvp.
  5. second link doesnt work too....
  6. i agree on your builds. i play paladin for many years. i am pve players so i can speak bout that. in therms of pve theres not many choices realistically. you have 2 branches solo pve or party pve. for solo pve shield is not great. spear is okaysish , hammer is best since you sustain alot. so best option if you want to solo pve is full magic full lifesteal and cd.(tip when you achieve 46%cd you can use relic on fetters for 15% cd when you miss(and on bosses you miss always)so you get 54% in total which means you will have 9.8 sec cd on fetters and the cd buff is 10 sec, meaning you can overwrit
  7. Where to find these op sun fortress items ??
  8. Hi i have suggestion , which every game has it. option to join or create a party for a particular dungeon. example u create party with name chosen from a menu to go in tech. everyone who want to join , instead of chatting world chat for 15 mins . he just press join party for tech dg. when leader press enter dungeon he recieves message to make all members near the entrance. you could also create non dg party under section other, and name it as u like , for example swamp hydra party. it will be alot easier for all to find party for lab and so on
  9. but it was false positive. nothing happend in game.
  10. why i got bulgarian/russian msg telling go collect ur rewards ? forgot full sentence i got it 3 times
  11. This is the story about Chosen dinasty. the people were very happy, they were living in peaceful times. The whole nation loved and obeyed their king Tharius and their god Paladin. Their king was a peaceful but strong warrior , seeking peace for his nation. Sometimes he was having some dreams where he goes to huge wars, like he was beeing possesed by some evil. One day the king went to hunt in his beautiful forests. He loved hunting. He walked pass by a small river to wash his hands , there he saw something strange. Instead of seeing reflection of his huge unscratched armour he saw a shadow,
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