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  1. open 2 chests on lv4 ranger on eu and got this. want to trade it for something on sapphire. elf or mc.
  2. Thanks for reminding me. Forgot about that.
  3. Yep nub pt. especially Elforyou and Herminub. you underestimate mages
  4. SAPPHIRE Trading [Archmage Staff] skin from elf to mc. You gib first, me no skemmer. Plz do hurry, very tempted to use it but im doing my best not to. Pm here.
  5. Why do you always cry when u lose?
  6. nuub bd cant even beat my lv20 warlock at 1v1 nuub, need a lv7 bd to help u kill me nuub. nuub.
  7. I'm not on your friendlist... anihalator is a hoebag
  8. i see a blurred-out troll ;D
  9. get on guys, 30mins till next tourney! we need a good start :>
  10. wew jizzsaw/shadowsinz very pro, his lv14 rogue almost killed mylv20 ranger in 2 hits. Lucky i'm rich and i have tons of pots and i potted in time.
  11. Elforme


    You Russians are hardcore.
  12. Description coming soon. Costume still in editing process. Hope u like it so far. Ready to be judged! Cosmic Guardian features: 1. Laser sunglasses, forged by the heat of the sun. 2. Rock-hard armour, made from deep space debris. 3. Horns. 4. Skull-head belt. 5. Future-tech wings (I know, I failed hard here), with a carving of the letter "W" on it, which obviously stands for "Warspear". 6. Grey cape, the colour of asteroids and space dust. Sorry bout my laziness! Hope you like it!
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