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  1. U just can play with syambian s60v3 n v5
  2. MR X

    Most op class

    for me, OP just for ppl can play that classes. Dont said shaman, ranger, or another class OP if u can not play that classes.
  3. Barbarian is using sword like samurai. There is not logic if barb using maces and paladin using axe. Paladin=sword, maces Barbarian=Sword, Axw See paladin like THOR 8)
  4. YEAH UPDATE 3.1 TQ DEV :yahoo:
  5. why is no one help me in f.b shappire :facepalm: ? more 1 month, no one help me sun moon, i always tried p.m high level or tried write "help" in t.c, but no one help me. the high level aren't afk. bad server. :facepalm:
  6. MR X


    hassn have become friend with knox now. I think hassn is his target now. turkstyle, are u hack zeyweon??? I just know zeyweon from brunei. and redskinz ever tell me, zeyweon has been hacked by another people. and u always distuber ppl when hunting. what u want turk?
  7. I wish in nxt update, plz make new qsand new large area/island(this area like jungle and many cave laby, its will make ppl confuse for find way out) for this quest(not daily qs). make new quest like adventure quest, need many hours for finish this qs(long journey) and reward nice gear/more gold/exp. for this qs. for this qs need teamwork with other ppl. totally, I bored with daily/not daily qs ws, just killing or gathering item. and just reward less gold. :facepalm: there isnt fun.
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