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  1. YEA SA PEARL down :bad: . I think it cause by you touch my black pearl in pearl
  2. lol wildboy costum drop by hydra, but now ppl lazy to kill hydra since hydra have high HP.
  3. it's cause ur login very fast from your d.c. im ever like you.
  4. i think killing mini boss with 1 pt guild is new way to get GP
  5. MR X

    Class tree

    i think suggestion abt this is crazy. Don't u think how many money will u out when u change to another class :rofl: ? armour, amplify, echant, weapon :rofl: ?
  6. are u know, what is the vet meaning? watch this video... Modern Warfare 3: The Vet & The Noob Noob's friend
  7. MR X

    Class tree

    they disable this features long time ago without reason, but it's will back in future.
  8. MR X

    help me.....

    i think u ar forgot put ur cake.
  9. singed is not noob, but he is the vet
  10. 2 handed sword/spear/2 handed mace/2 handed axe skin but it shuld gold's or blue
  11. arena in the beach is the best than coloseum.
  12. no player with moderators/admin power ingame
  13. gtg support, and ask the reason why u blocked.
  14. i hve idea costum, how if the costum like hydra or khaz-maar or any monster. its look very big. or how with soldier/marine costum O:-) or minecraft costum
  15. :facepalm: :wacko:
  16. o yea, but tibiame not fun, just hunt n hunt :facepalm: , no chat in tibiame :facepalm:
  17. my best enemy is demonlogist and swamp slug :diablo:
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