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  1. samurai = barbarian ninja = assassins/rogue understand XD? Hahaha the pic seems that they want go to toilet. lol
  2. MR X

    warspear 3D

    NO...Sorry Why? 1.3D eat more memory 2.3D eat more RAM 3.3D Higher size memory (long time to download for bad connection) 4.Ws is mobile phone game and many people still love 2D....if u dont like...go quit..ok? simply to say.
  3. rogue is assassins...u need know how to use stealth with right and best. stealth is power everything for rogue
  4. Roar taunt tottaly just call monster and there is no taunt's icon in mob...Not as warcry, they hv icon. how with "warcry" ? hahaha warcry is badass taunt ever. Developer never fix this one. Seem they hate barbar. I feel barbarian fight with hand without skill n weapon. lol
  5. MR X

    Ingame museum

    there is museum....u just dnt know it.
  6. MR X

    mc skills

    Warlock....15x15 lol
  7. plz add command war on chat system as: 1. MOVE UP! 2. Need Medic 3. Keep Stay 4. ATTACK! 5. FOLLOW ME! 6. Go to down/Go to up/Go to right/Go to left etc... the color of this command should different like another chat. That will help for tactic war.
  8. this game will be like "battlefield" as my old idea
  9. MR X

    Busy Status

    I love this idea....it's like another MMO.
  10. and "timer day"/"discount time" has been change. They need to fix.
  11. Your oponion...(only barbarian's player) 1. What do you think abt barbarian in this update? 2. Pros and cons in this update? 3. Reason play barbarian? 4. Skill build...PvP/Arena/War or PvE (by lvl per level) 5. Focus stat (Accurancy, dodge, etc)? 6. Oponion about skill barbar(base and expert)? 7. What do you think/your suggestion about next skill for barbarian...?
  12. real dmg? really not understand why shield strike's damage from weapon...not a shield :rofl: dev trolling
  13. My solution: never touch em' banner
  14. 1 handed+shield: + High Attack Speed + more HP, so restoring health(blade fury) is better than 2h + block abilty + You can use shield strike + more def, so more def from warcry + good tanking mobs(let ur armor broke :rofl: ) - hard agaist support class - you need find ring with "block" ability to create powerfull block. because shield without block is useless. 2 handed: + direct damage with high damage + High critical + Chop's damage is better + Easy to kill healer fast - You need ring without "block" ability . useless "block" ablity with 2 handed. - Shield Stike useless without 2 handed. :facepalm: Really sad :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: . if you want raise ur skill, never raise shield strike. better warcry or bladefury. :facepalm: altough warcry never fix, but I still love warcry.
  15. lol ar you reading my signature?
  16. please fix taunt's effect on warcry :facepalm:
  17. pray before amplify, it's the best way.
  18. MR X

    Shield Strike

    cooldown reduce, duration stun increase..but with "CHANCE" of stun, this skill is useless to upgrade :facepalm: . and I hate when the skill say using shield, better upgrade bladefury. And developer forgot, taunt's effect on WARCRY still not fix. 4/4 never work perfect. barbarian seem topless until now because they OP skill and until new skill come, they still OP. :facepalm: lol next time give new barbarian skill again as shield strike :facepalm: , exam: SuperAccuracy: With "lightweight armor" Improve barbarian accurancy (duration 1 second) , lol.
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