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  1. will you remove laby daily too in next update? please not this year
  2. I think ur connection bad . u can't see em' actually. hey roland...Why warcry's taunt never fix? i need the reason....
  3. i think the reason,,,,because u r high level like me....i dont get it anymore....i should say...bye bye iresnort
  4. Hy all...i wanna ask something....i think this is stupid question really,,,high level can't get iresnort daily anymore? because 50% my daily qs in iresnort, suddenly lost. And today i can't found the daily in there.
  5. MR X

    Report Bug v4.2

    Bug info on new dungeon and there is no quest.
  6. I love new kill c.c qs -Kill 10 b.d -Kill 10 ranger -Kill 10 druid -Kill 10 paladin -Kill 10 mage -Kill 10 priest -Kill 10 ourselves All laby qs = 40 c.c All ayvondil qs = 60 c.c Legion daily = 10 c.c Relic daily = 5 c.c __________________________+ 115 c.c/day
  7. Just like old time. Barbar can do stun from 2 yard. Dev change charge that allow you just start at 3 yard and chance stun has been reduce. Now they just back it like old time. and where is taunt effect on warcry? please answer. You did'nt fix this one.
  8. MR X


    Legionner is old player...not GM and snorly...yes he is GM/Dev. Impossible, GM's guild with 1 player(snorly) and can be lvl 3 guild just in 1 sec.
  9. how with warcry's barbarian? it must can be taunt enemies as in the detail.
  10. it's seem like [Gracefull Sworld Belt]
  11. if they remove, 1. People lazy to buy ticket 2. lose their money remember this
  12. there is no bug. Just play fair!
  13. Today im trying exchange this item and always disconnect. Last time i here excange problem has been fix. I'm using windows p.c. Before exchange this item to him....my friend exchange this item and no d.c. He use android.
  14. warcry can't taunt but there is an icon, rip warcry
  15. Add this Barbarian can't fly until now
  16. never,.... if u dont like 2D...Just quit... and this suggestion always shit in everytime. And the second....3D..: 1.Eat RAM 2.Eat memory 3.GPU should better 4.And crash...oh yes for old phone 5.R.I.P Syambian
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